Students who have a disability covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act are entitled to academic accommodations. Students with disabilities must initiate all requests.

To request appropriate accommodations, a student must file a copy of the formal evaluation from a physician or clinical psychologist, depending on the disability, with the Office of Student Academic Services. This report will be kept in a confidential file. After the office has received this report, the student may request appropriate accommodations by discussing the request with the academic advisor and completing the request form, which must be signed by the academic advisor.

The academic accommodation system at Lawrence is based on the university's educational philosophy emphasizing student responsibility and independence. Consequently, all requests must be initiated by the student. No automatic notification of instructors occurs without a student request. No student with a disability is required to tell instructors about the disability or to request accommodations.

To inquire about accommodations, please contact the Office of Student Academic Services, which can provide all appropriate information and advice.

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