2014-2015 Exhibitions

September 26 – November 26, 2014

Leech Gallery: Migrant Mother, W.P.A. Prints, and the Dust Bowl Era

Dorothea Lange’s iconic photograph Migrant Mother, Nipomo CA will be the center of an exhibition surveying artworks from the U.S. Works Progress Administration and the Dust Bowl era.






Hoffmaster Gallery: Nathan Vernau, Scraps & Debris

Nathan Vernau’s brilliantly colored mixed-media compositions draw on a range of recognizable but also obscure symbols: cinder blocks, letters and envelopes, balloons, picture frames, and hearts. This exhibition features new work by the Chicago-based, Wisconsin-born artist.






Kohler Gallery: BA Harrington, Chest on Chest

BA Harrington’s furniture-based sculptural practice merges training in traditional cabinetmaking with academic training as a contemporary artist. The exhibition will explore themes of gender, history, craft, and family.


January 16 – March 15, 2015

Leech Gallery: Wisconsin Wolf Stories

Projects created by students in Professor Jodi Sedlock’s environmental studies symposium: Art and Biodiversity Conservation. Projects by L. Ames, B. Boelter, S. Connahvichnah, J. DeMotts, M. Felzan, G. Figueroa, A. Foley, C. Francis, A. Geleske, B. Hoster, M. Ives, K. Ling, D. Pasquesi, L. Rosenberg, S. Salansky, A. Seizovic, S. Shah, K. Stuckey, G. Wilke, and AJ Williams


Hoffmaster Gallery: Sarah Gross, Continental Drift

Uihelin Fellow of Studio Art Sarah Gross uses repetition and pattern to create an installation that references architecture and ceramic history. Her hand-made brick/tile hybrids hover above the gallery floor, creating interlacing paths for the eye to track.


Kohler Gallery: Jason Yi, Terraform

In his large-scale, site-specific sculptures and installations, Jason S. Yi transforms everyday materials into massive architectural and topographic forms.

April 3 – May 3, 2015


Leech Gallery: Through Alice's Eyes: An Exhibition in Honor of Alice King Case

Long-time Lawrence University studio art Professor Alice King Case passed away in December 2013. This memorial exhibition will offer a chance to remember Professor Case through her artwork.






Hoffmaster Gallery: Martin Brief, Amazon God
Martin Brief is interested in language, almost to the point of obsessiveness, digging deeper and deeper into the meaning of words in his artwork until he has reached the very limits of expression.





Kohler Gallery: The Pursuit of Knowledge & Understanding: Recent Acquisitions in an Interdisciplinary Context
New additions to the Wriston Art Galleries' collection, set in relation to the liberal arts: Science, Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences.



May 22 – July 5, 2015


Senior Art Major Exhibition

This annual exhibition features the work of Lawrence University’s senior studio art majors.



July 15 – August 16

Wriston Summer Exhibition Series: The Artwork of Warrington Colescott

The Wriston Summer Exhibition Series is an annual summer exhibition in the Wriston Art Center Galleries intended to engage the Fox Valley community in a conversation about artworks and artists of the Midwest.

Wisconsin-based artist Warrington Colescott is well-known for his use of satire and wit in tackling both historical and contemporary subject matter, from the Lewis and Clark expedition to the on-field dominance of the Green Bay Packers. Featuring highlights from the Lawrence University art collection, this exhibition will also present the complete History of Printmaking series, in which Colescott blends historical information on the development of printmaking techniques with his own humorous interpretations of events.