2007-2008 Exhibitions

September 21 – October 28

Leech Gallery:
The Illuminated Book
Late Medieval and Early Renaissance Manuscript Illuminations (An exhibition organized and researched by Lawrence students in Art History 310, the Illuminated Book)

Hoffmaster Gallery:
Turn of the Century Art and Fashion
Costume and Fashion (Costumes from Lawrence University’s theater department paired with images from the Wriston Art Galleries’ Permanent   collections.  Organized by Lawrence University students working in Theater Arts)

Kohler Gallery: Todd Chilton, paintings
November 9 – December 16

Leech Gallery: Fragments D’ Architecture Antique
Selected images from a 19th century portfolio

Hoffmaster Gallery: Michael Hopkins, drawings
Kohler Gallery: Kurt Dyrhaug, sculpture
January 18 – March 9

Leech Gallery: Die Brucke, prints from the La Vera Pohl German Expressionism Collection

Hoffmaster and Kohler Galleries: Julie Lindemann & John Shimon: Sentimental and Specific, One Million Years is Three Seconds
March 21 – May 4

Leech Gallery: Elchert’s History of Art Ed

Hoffmaster Gallery & Kohler Gallery: Brad Killam, instillation
May 23 – August 1

Annual Senior Exhibit