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Lawrence University
Authorized Driver Agreement

I have read and understand the Lawrence University Vehicle Use Policy.

I acknowledge that non-compliance with the Vehicle Use Policy may result in suspension of all vehicle privileges.I understand I must successfully complete the Defensive Driving online safety course prior to operating a university owned, leased, or rented vehicle or my personal vehicle for university travel (Students Only).

I understand and will comply with all applicable laws, posted traffic signage, and safe driving practices, a few of which are listed below while operating a vehicle on university related travel:

  • no use of electronic devices by the driver while operating the vehicle, including but not limited to: cell phones, PDAs, handhelds, laptops, notebooks, iPods, MP3 players, or any other communication or music devices
  • no use of any substance by the driver or navigator that may reduce attentiveness or cause drowsiness for a minimum of 12 hours before operating the vehicle
  • no tobacco, alcohol, or illegal drug use of any kind by any occupant of the vehicle
  • one seat belt must be available and used by each passenger while the vehicle is in operation.
  • Maintain safe following distances

I will promptly report accidents to law enforcement authorities and to Lawrence University Campus Safety, and I will alert the Information Desk in the Warch Campus Center of any damages to the vehicle.


Lawrence University Driver Application

I certify that the above information is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I authorize access, review, and release of my driving record to Lawrence University to verify the above information.

For the safety of its passengers, Lawrence University reserves the right to access a current driving record at any time and to deny any applicant.

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