What's an SPC number?

  • An SPC is the student mail box that each student is assigned upon acceptance regardless of housing arrangement. Student's can find their SPC number in their Voyager account. Please address all letters/magazines/packages etc. with this number.
  • If a student is on leave for 2 consecutive terms or more, their SPC number is returned to a pool of available SPCs. Upon that student's return to active status they are assigned a new (usually different) SPC number.
  • If you need to know another students SPC number you can use the FIND feature of the website. 
  • When inputting your campus address for inbound mail, the following format should be used.

Student Name

Student's SPC # 

711 E. Boldt Way

Appleton, WI 54911

  • If you need help opening your SPC, click here: (Color) Mailbox Operation Cheat Sheet.pdf
  • Departments, faculty and staff no longer have SPC numbers. They will reach the intended recipient if addressed to the full name and department.

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