This page exists to assist faculty and staff with most things mail-related, giving advice on how to cheaply and efficiently send out university mail.

Simple Guidelines

There are a few common things to watch out for while creating a mailing. Here are some tips to help your letters look professional and perhaps save some pennies. 

  • Check your design

    Poor design costs money. Mailpieces which are designed as squares (or anything out of aspect ratio by USPS standards) cost more money to send, even bulk. A square piece sent bulk mail can cost more than an appropriately sized piece sent First-Class. Also make sure your postcard or letter design leaves ample space for postage.
  • Check Letter Orientation

    When sending already stuffed envelopes to the mail room, please be sure that all envelopes are oriented the same way. It is impossible to visually examine each piece as it goes through the postage machine. Pieces with the postage on the wrong portion of the mail piece do not look professional.
  • Don't Handwrite Addresses

    Handwritten addressing always costs more time and money.  Much of the time when we send handwritten items via first-class they are rejected and processed separately. Typically the hand writing is too stylized or simply illegible for machines. In addition to costing more, handwritten items tend to be processed slower by presorting and postal equipment. When items are hand addressed, they cannot be sent bulk. Items with anything handwritten within them cannot be sent bulk either.
  • Use UPS

    Lawrence has a discount with UPS through WAICU which offers a 42% discount on Overnight services, among others. Saying “I need this FEDEXed” means your department could pay at 42% more. This discount applies to all outgoing and incoming packages. Call or Email Lofgren Mail Services staff if you need further information. These discounts do not apply to freight shipments.
  • Charge Account

    When you charge something to your department, please write the name of the department or, preferably, your 2-3 digit mailroom code which can be found here.


Here are a few frequently asked questions. If your question is far too complicated to exist in this charming section, the phone extension for the mailroom is 6657!

I want to send a certified letter. How is that handled?

Mail Services can help you with certified mail, which provides you with a signature from the recipient and a tracking number. Most of the time a return receipt is also purchased. You will need to fill out two forms to send certified mail, both of which can be found in the mailroom. Contact Mail Services for more information.

Any rules regarding large LU mailings/Bulk Mailing?

If the mailroom does any work assembling a mailing for your department (stuffing, etc.) the details of that job must be entered into Workzone via Communications.

Large mailings to off-campus constituencies are processed (i.e., addressed, assembled, mailed) on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the mailroom. Note that materials created in the LU print shop will be transported to the mailroom early on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Mailroom staff will ensure that materials are processed as scheduled and in accordance with U.S. Postal Service specifications.  Large mailings and bulk mailings are not processed the first week of each term due to the volume of packages arriving and the fluidity of student staff.  Added 8/2011

For Large Mailings it is important to note that postcard rates only save money when the postcards are between 3.5 x 5 inches to 4.25 x 6 inches.

Bulk Mail costs at least 40% less than First Class rates, but has specific restrictions attached. Contact the Mailroom for further information.

You cannot Bulk Mail to foreign addresses. When your mailing contains foreign addresses, those addresses should be listed in a separate CSV file.

You cannot send hand addressed letters through Bulk Mail.

Postcards going in bulk do not have a special rate. They cost the same as bulk mailing letters.

What is the schedule for delivery to faculty and staff offices?

Most offices receive their mail in the afternoon.  Hours of service may vary during summer, winter break, and staff vacations.

What time does outgoing USPS mail go to the post office?

Outgoing USPS mail has to be in the mailroom by 2:45PM at the latest to be sent out the same day. We will accept it after, but it will not go out until tomorrow.

How should I send/order packages through the university?

FedEx is not recommended. UPS tends to be cheaper. Fedex and UPS give discounts based on the volume in a given week. If your department has its own FedEx account or is considering creating one, you will pay the highest rates possible.

WAICU – Using UPS is now even less expensive for the campus  thanks to a new contract with UPS which offers a 42% discount on Overnight services, among others. Just remember, saying “I need this FEDEXed” means your department will pay at least 42% more.

These negotiated rates for UPS also apply to inbound package services. This means that if you need to order something overnight from a vendor (excluding anything which would be shipped freight) and you supply the vendor with LU's account number shipping rates will be reduced.

For outgoing packages containing media (CDs, books, jump drives, etc.) exclusively, indicate that on the package through note, post-it, etc. This way it can be sent as media mail, which is cheaper than normal post-office rates and will still arrive at its destination in 5-9 days. Note: USPS does occasionally check these packages, which is why they must contain only the piece of media.

How do I indicate which department to charge for outgoing mail?

A department's accounting code is not generally useful to the mailroom. Instead clearly write the name of your department or learn your 2 – 3 digit mailroom code and put it on the mail you send out.

What if I am ordering hazardous materials?

Any material that is hazardous or requires any special vehicle for safe transportation needs to be delivered directly to your building. Facility Services and the mailroom do not have the correct signs or vehicles to transport dangerous materials.

Will you deliver my freight to my building?

Any freight orders need to be either delivered directly to your building, or, if they are dropped off at Warch, you must fill out a work order to have them transported to you. If you require the physical address of your building for purposes of a freight delivery, you can find it here. The mailroom is not responsible for delivering freights.