Your Gifts Make an Impact

Your support to the Lawrence Fund this Giving Day changes lives every day at LU.  Your generosity makes the Lawrence experience more affordable for students, enriches their academic experience inside and outside the classroom, supports our world-class faculty and so much more.

Don't take our word for it—look through the videos and quotes below to understand how your generosity is making an impact. Click here to learn more about Giving Day.


Academic Excellence

Strengthen the academic heart of the university by providing resources that increase our students’ success with technology enhancements, lab supplies, world-class faculty, hands-on learning programs, library resources and more.


  • “I would like to become a physician. Lawrence is an outstanding university for students who are interested in pre-med. The advising is fantastic, and there are many opportunities for Lawrence students to volunteer and gain experience in the health field. I was able to take a Lawrence-sponsored CNA course during winter break for clinical exposure and conduct clinical research with a Lawrence Alum over the summer. These two opportunities that have helped me discover my passion for medicine.” –Hunter Dowds


Impact the majority of students’ ability to attend Lawrence—98% of students receive financial aid. The Lawrence Fund helps bridge the gap between what students pay in tuition and the actual cost of operating the college. Without the Lawrence Fund and endowment earnings, each student’s tuition would increase by more than $10,000 per year. Your support allows us to attract and retain talented students from socioeconomically diverse backgrounds.

  • “My mom, a single parent, always stressed the importance of a liberal arts education. When I got into playing euphonium and decided I wanted to pursue it in college, Lawrence came up as a very rare combination of top notch music instruction and liberal arts emphasis. However I would not be able to attend Lawrence without the contributions made by donors. I truly owe everything I have here to them.” –Cole Foster

Student Experience

Support the full Lawrence experience by enhancing the learning environment and supporting resources both inside and outside of the classroom, from study abroad to internships, varsity athletics to research programs and even student retreats at Björklunden.

  • “At Lawrence there are so many opportunities to participate in different clubs, groups and activities. I am in Kappa Kappa Gamma, currently serving as the house chairman.  I am also the treasurer for the food recovery network and have been involved with TROPOS: A magazine of Literary and Artistic Works. I have also loved my time working as a writing tutor in the Center for Academic Success. I know Lawrence Fund donors help support many of the things I am involved in and love to do here.” –Tali Berkowitz

Caring for Campus

Keep Lawrence’s campus beautiful, vibrant and safe.  Helping us to transform the campus and maintain our historic roots creates a space for our students to succeed.

The Banta Bowl

  • “When I arrived at Lawrence from my city life in Chicago, I was not sure what to expect of this small community but I was willing to embrace it. By being here for the Freshmen Academic Institute, I was able to get a preview to life at Lawrence just in 3 weeks. Once school started, I felt ready to take on my first year and now I am flourishing as a senior! My favorite places on campus are Heitt which is my current dorm, Sankofa which is where the Black Student Union meets, and Brokaw which is where I work as a Phonathon Manager. With is being my last year here, I know I will miss making the many memories I’ve made thus far but I know Lawrence will forever have a lasting impact in my life.” –Annyce Brakins