For the 6th Annual Giving Day, every gift will be matched with a gift from our Game Changers.  Here’s how:

  • Gifts from the Classes of 2003-2023 will be matched with $500
  • All other gifts will be matched dollar-for-dollar

Thank you for providing more opportunities to current students!

Challenges happening this year!

Keep your LU spirit high by participation in different Giving Day Challenges throughout the day on our Facebook page. These Challenges will give you the opportunity to unlock extra Game Changer funds. Good luck!

GD 19 Challenge gifts completedFirst 1,000 8 a.m. until noon
Let’s start Giving Day strong by reaching 1,000 donors before noon! If we hit this goal, extra Game Changer money will be released.  If you already made your gift, Thank you!—you can help by encouraging your friends to give too.


GD 19 Challenge sharing completeShare the LUv – 10 a.m.
Help us spread the word about Giving Day by sharing the marked post on the official Lawrence University Facebook page. If this post gets 200 shares, a big amount of Game Changer funds will be released. It really is that simple!


GD 19 tell your friends image completeFriends you meet at LU – 1:30 p.m.
Can think of that classmate that consistently quoted Plato or friend that you could always count on for a trip to the VR. Reminisce about your time and the friends you made at Lawrence by tagging them in the post on the Lawrence University Facebook.  If 150 people are tagged, Game Changer funds will be released.


GD 19 puzzle image completeLU Word Puzzles 4 p.m.
Your Lawrence knowledge is put to the test! See if you can decipher what LU words the corresponding photos are spelling out on our Facebook page. If all the words are correctly identified, extra Game Changer funds will be released.


GD 19 Challenge mystery completeMystery Challenge – 7:30 p.m.
Help us end Giving Day strong! If we get 250 gifts from now until midnight, $10,000 Game Changer funds will be released.