Welcome to the Blue Start Application! We encourage you to go over the Self-Help Guide prior to filling out the application below so you are as prepared for the Blue Start experience as possible! When you feel you are adequetly prepared and have read the Self-Help Guide, please fill out all mandatory text boxes with a red asterisk, along with all other applicable information, below to make the application process as easy for everyone as it can be.

As a reminder, Blue Start is for INDIVIDUAL student ideas with goals striving towards enhancing academic and/or community service projects. A Lawrentian who is looking to apply to Blue Start MUST have at least one full term left at Lawrence (this would be the last term a student could have an opportunity to perform their project). Blue Start IS NOT for LUCC organization funding (LUCC has its own funding for student organizations). If you need more clarification, visit the Student FAQs page for answers.

Participant Information
What is your name? (first, middle, last)
What is your Lawrence University ID? (Ex: L # # # # # # # #)
What is your Lawrence email?
When is your expected graduation date?
What is your intended major?
Do you have a second major? If so, what is it?
Do you have an intended minor? If so, what is it?
Where is your hometown?
What country are you from?
Project Description
What is the name of your project?
Explain what the project objective is and how Blue Start funding will help you achieve it.
Give a short description in the comment box. Include a summary of the objective and explain the use of the funding (75-100 words).
Project Logistics
What is the cost of your project? If the funding request is different than the project cost, please explain in the large text box below. PLEASE NOTE: If a certain field does not apply to you, leave a $0.00 entry in the text box.
Project Costs
What is the total cost of your project? If there are certain subsections to your project, separate the costs in the text boxes below along with filling in the Total Project Cost.
What are travel expenses for your project?
What is the estimated cost of materials for your project?
What are the expected costs of lodging?
Does your project require certain equipment? If so, what would be the estimated cost of the equipment?
If there are any other expenses, explain them here. Also, if the funding request is different than your project cost, explain the difference here. FOR EXAMPLE, you already have a small amount of money set aside, so you would not have to fundraise as much as the Total Project Cost.
LEAVE BLANK UNLESS: Your funding cost differs from your total project cost. The reason for the difference should be explained in the text box above.
If your project has a faculty or staff sponsor (i.e., either of which you could be working close with) please provide their name here.
What is the start date of your project? Please be as accurate as possible.
What is the expected completion date for your project? Please be as accurate as possible.
Media Meet & Greet
All applications must include a photo of the project participant, if possible, as well as photos or a video that will demonstrate the project. Upload any photos here and add URLs or video links in the space below.
Upload a photo of yourself here! This way, your donors will know who they are supporting and you can create a greater connection with your alumni and donors.
If you do not wish to link a video describing your project, you MUST provide what you would say in the video in a paragraph here. This will help donors get an idea of what your project is all about. If they can't see it in a video, they need to read it in order to understand your goals!
The Lawrence University website requires you to submit a link for a YouTube Video because it cannot support uploading videos. Once your video is created, post it to your YouTube channel and post the link to your video above. This is the video that will inform everyone about what your project is. You could have a close up shot with just you talking, or you could be demonstrating what your project could be. Regardless of how you choose to do your video, whether it is simple or a huge feature film, donors and alumni will be able to feel a personal connection with you. Portraying your passion for viewers to see boosts their enthusiasm as well!
Photos of Project
If you don't feel you are capable of posing in front of a camera for a video, post pictures for donors to see. These pictures should thoroughly demonstrate what you will be doing in your project since you will not be speaking to them about it.
What is your plan for communicating project updates with your donors? This can include videos, photos, additional web sites, blogs, etc.
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