Time Management Resources

Use the following tools to help you manage your time. For more information on how to use them effectively, please contact CTL Learning Specialist, Cindy Utama, cindy.utama@lawrence.edu, 920-832-7206.

  • Lawrence University blank monthly 2015-2016 calendar ( pdf | doc )
  • Lawrence University blank weekly timetable (pdf)
  • Lawrence University Conservatory of Music blank weekly timetable (pdf)
  • *Recommended* Passion Planner blank weekly scheduler (pdf)
  • Reverse planning guide (pdf)

Below is a list of links to outside study skills resources that you may find useful for your learning process.

Online flash cards, flash card apps, and learning games:

Study Stacks

Study Blue - Online and mobile flash cards and study tools

Quizlet - Online and mobile flashcards and games

Free Rice - Quiz game that donates rice through the World Food Programme

GRE and ACT Prep

Video Tutorial Links:

Khan Academy

Education Portal Academy

Learning Styles, Personality and Career Assessments:

VARK - A guide to Learning Styles

Learning Styles - Edutopia

Learning Styles - EducationPlanner.org

Index of Learning Styles Questionnaire - NC State University


Metamath - Learning Style Survey, Personality and Career Tests

Online Academic Skills Workshops:

Roadway to Success Workshops (University of Delaware)

Academic Success Videos (Dartmouth College)

Study Skills Workshops (Virginia Tech)

Reading Assistance:

Guide to Academic Reading (OnlineSchools.org)

Writing Assistance:

Purdue OWL (Online Writing Lab)

Online Writing Lab (University of Wisconsin - Waukesha)

Citation Machine

KnightCite (Calvin College)

Assignment Timeline Calculator (University of Minnesota)

EasyBib (citation tool)

Grammar Help

Interactive Quizzes

Grammar Quizzes

Online Grammar Quizzes

Identifying Sentence Problems

Math Assistance:

Virtual Math Lab (West Texas A&M University)

Success in Mathematics (St. Louis University)

Interact Math - Designed to help you succeed in your math classes

Study Strategies Links:

Calculate Your GPA

My Daily Schedule Calculator

Test Preparation Links

How to Study in 20 Different Languages

Study Tips (Ohio University)

Learning Strategies (Dartmouth College)

Study Skills Self-help Information (Virginia Tech)

Critical Reading Information (by Dan Kurland)

College Student Online Guide for Better Study Skills (The Open University)


Distraction Management

StayFocused (Site shutdown timer)

Cold Turkey (Productivity boosting site blocker for Mac OS)

SelfControl (Productivity boosting site blocker for Windows)

Studious (silences phone during scheduled classes)

RescueTime (tracks time spent on applications and websites)

Other Helpful Online Resources

CampusBookRentals (textbook rental)

diigo (research multi-tool for knowledge management)

Dropbox (free online file storage)




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