It Depends on Your Frame of Mind


This seminar builds upon a similar seminar of 2017, “And We Thought We Were Thinking Rationally”, and digs deeper into the implications of recent cognitive research regarding how we process information.  The seminar will focus on how language and social dynamics frame or shape thought processing. Participants from last year’s seminar and those who have “digested” the book Thinking, Fast and Slow are invited to attend.  Others are invited to consider attending the seminar, “How We Decide” to be held September 9-14.

Roger Johnson is a retired clinical psychologist who worked for Kaiser Permanente, a large healthcare organization in California, as a consultant, manager and clinician.  He has a PhD from Fuller School of Psychology and an MBA from the University of California at Irvine.  His focus for the past several years has been on designing and leading engaging adult workshops regarding psychological dynamics for professionals in the Silicon Valley.

Jerry Camery-Hoggatt, PhD, is an Emeritus Professor, recently retired from Vanguard University.  His teaching portfolio bridges a variety of interdisciplinary interests, all of which connect in one way or another to the topic of our seminar.  His special interest is in the effect of stories and storytelling on our inner journeys.  In addition to being an accomplished storyteller, he is the author of a variety of books in a range of genres, including biblical studies (Reading the Good Book Well: A Guide to Biblical Interpretation) and Christmas stories (When Mother Was Eleven-Foot-Four: A Christmas Memory).

Sunday, June 24, 2018 to Friday, June 29, 2018
$895 double; $1,175 single; $450 commuter

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