From the initial investigation and charging decision through the presentation of the case to the
jury and sentencing, explore with veteran state criminal prosecutor Steven Licata how homicide
cases are prosecuted in the criminal justice system. How is the evidence evaluated and what factors
guide the prosecutor’s charging decision? How is the case presented to the jury? What exactly
is the “insanity” defense to a homicide charge? How are homicide cases handled in Wisconsin’s
juvenile courts? These questions and others will be considered by an examination of several real-life
homicide prosecutions as well as through film and literature. Participants will be asked to analyze
facts and evidence and to decide, as the prosecutor must, what can be proven at trial. Participants
will also be asked to decide what is the right and ethical thing to do as the prosecutor when faced
with the unique facts of the homicide cases that will be studied.

Steven Licata graduated from Lawrence University in 1975 and the University of Wisconsin
Law School in 1981. He served three years as an Assistant Wisconsin State Public Defender and
31 years as an Assistant District Attorney for Milwaukee County. He prosecuted thousands of cases,
including many murders. For three years, he also served as the Legal Director of the Milwaukee
Metropolitan Drug Enforcement Unit. Following his graduation from Lawrence, Steve studied in East
Germany, West Germany and England as a Watson Fellow and, years later, served as the Executive
Director of the Thomas J. Watson Foundation, administering the Watson Fellowship Program.

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Sunday, September 27, 2020 to Friday, October 2, 2020
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