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Wildflowers, Birds and Mushrooms

PLEASE NOTE: This seminar has a limited capacity.  Call Björklunden at 920-839-2216 to inquire about registration options.

These three most popular nature subjects will be the object of our explorations in Door County's many parks and preserves. The early tinges of nature's fall color palette will make the scenes most picturesque. Our goal is to find as many beautiful wildflowers, birds and fungi as we can. Autumn is the time of abundance for fungi. You must be able to walk on unpaved trails for distances of two miles over a period of 2 ½ hours.

Writing the Poetry of Resistance

PLEASE NOTE: This workshop has reached its capacity.  Call 920-839-2216 with questions.

Virtually everybody who reads poetry nowadays is undoubtedly aware of a vast—and relatively new—sub-category that has become just about unstoppable over the past few decades: the poetry of resistance— i.e. of protest, indignation, persuasion, or whatever synonym you might use to describe it.

Pandemic Pandemonium

The topics will include:
A. Our never-ending battle against viruses and bacteria
B. Pandemics throughout history
C. English milkmaids, Vaccines, and the Typhus vaccine that protected a Polish city from Nazi 
D. Dr Snow and Cholera before the germ theory
E. Spaniard conquest of the New World with smallpox, repaid to the Old World with syphilis
F.  COVID-19, How, Why, What went wrong???

SPQR: The Senate and the Roman People

Mary Beard is arguably the most well-known contemporary historian of ancient Rome’s vibrant culture and certainly its most eloquent spokesperson. Cambridge professor, salty blogger, television personality, and best-selling authoress of riveting and dramatic prose, Beard teases new interpretations out of ancient literary and historical texts, archaic Latin inscriptions on stone and papyrus, and senatorial laws and imperial decrees.

At the Top of Their Form: Outstanding “Genre Films” of the Classic Era

The Hollywood studio system of the Classic Era produced a large selection of "Genre Films," a term critics use to describe movies that can most easily be characterized according to the norms and conventions of a particular plotline or set of stylistic elements.  Many of these movies were cheaply made and are largely forgotten today, but a few in each genre achieved lasting critical acclaim and have continued to be admired by contemporary audiences.  The seminar will consider one outstanding movie from each of five genres:  The Detective/Mystery, The Romance Film, The Musical, The World War

What Happens Next?: The Importance of the Strong Storyline in Classic Hollywood Films

A generally-acknowledged asset of films of the Classic Era is their dependence on the strength of the storyline and the development of that certain quality which keeps the audience involved and entertained. This seminar will focus on several excellent examples of cinematic stories that seize the interest of the audience in the opening moments and hold the filmgoer’s attention until the last frame. These compelling storylines may occur in any given genre, and examples will be offered from film types as diverse as mysteries, war dramas, suspense films, romantic comedies, westerns and others.