student writing order of flats on white board

Music Theory and Aural Skills

Have you ever wondered what makes a musical moment exciting or poignant? Music theory provides the tools to understand the basics of music and explore how a piece is constructed. A performer who understands theory becomes a more expressive musician; phrasing, dynamics and other expressive elements are tied to a composition’s architecture. Music theory can also aid in memorization; rather than memorizing a large number of unrelated notes, one begins to visually and aurally recognize melodic patterns, chords, or harmonic progressions.

Theory and aural skill development are appropriate for students enrolled in private lessons, ensembles, or who are interested in composition.  It is an important foundation for high school students who wish to pursue musical study in college.

The Academy offers customized theory and aural skills lessons for interested Academy students of any age or level, youth or adult. Lessons are scheduled according to student and teacher availability and are taught by Ann Boeckman, Lawrence Conservatory instructor of theory, aural skills, and basic keyboard skills.

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student writing and identifying multiple key signatures on white board