The Cantabile curriculum reinforces rhythmic and melodic reading skills and explores a wide variety of music written for treble choirs. Cantabile performs multiple times per year as opportunities arise. Singers perform on both the fall and spring Girl Choir concerts and take a multi-day tour to another part of the country every other year. Fundraising opportunities are available to cover touring costs. Past trips have included performances at the 400th Anniversary of the Jamestown Colony in Virginia, participation in international children's choir festivals held in Washington and Michigan, performances with children's choir programs in Denver, and several trips to sing on the stage of Carnegie Hall in New York City. Auditions for Cantabile are held in April for the following academic year.


  • Rehearsal Venue Change
  • 2017-18 Calendar - Click the button below to download and print the yearly calendar for Cantabile. This calendar was updated on 10/19/17
    Calendar 2017-18
  • From November 19 rehearsal:
    -- Alleluja:  Practice every expressive detail I taught you for this song since you were born.  MAKE SURE TO LINE UP THE CORRECT SYLLABLES ON THE CORRECT NOTES!

    -- Abendlied:  Practice using "text staccato"  by memory.  It strengthens your brain and will take care of accuracy problems.  This is our most challenging, sophisticated song from our set.  Please rise to the distinguished level it demands.  In other words, learn it!  Next Sunday be a leader, not a liability.

    -- The Awakening:  Please put in writing your thoughts and impressions about this song.  How does it speak to you?  Why does it speak to you?  We will share our ideas and you will turn in your writings.  They do not need to be elaborate, but deserve some time for reflection on your part.

    -- Oye:  Rhythmic cut-offs; crescendos on repeated phrases; watch for those pesky rests.

    -- Practice ALL inhalations on the same vowel you will enter on for all three songs.  You know what I mean.  All vowels tall.  Go high AND go deep.  No wide screen singing.  Yes full screen singing.  No landscape vowels.  Yes portrait vowels.

    -- If you are struggling with a part of a song, please come early and I will help you -- anytime after 5:15 PM.

    -- LAST REHEARSAL AT FELC!  GET THERE!  5:45 to 7:45 PM

    -- Blessings on your house this Thanksgiving.  I have my deepest adoration.
        -Mrs. Lind

  • From November 12 rehearsal  - Click to view assignments

    --Review all three parts for the Sight Reading sheet.

    --Continue to practice and memorize "Abendlied" in German. Watch out for the dipthongs! "Blaaaaaaaah-ee baaaaaaaah-ee uns"

    --Practice "Alleluja" plugging your nose and still keeping the tone/throat open and beautiful. Do no kick the "ja's". Accentuate the important syllables: "Al-le-LU-ja, al-LE, lu- ja, etc. Dance it! Totally off-book next week. 

    --Move toward being off-book-ISH on "The Awakening." Be prepared to discuss what the song means to you; or if the song has any value to you at all, and why.

    --"Oye" Spanish verse: DUH!! Also, enjoy the rhythmic cut-offs! Especially oboe the rest at Measure 41. The rests are the COOL part!

    --THREE rehearsals left! If we make as much progress as we did last night, we'll come out of this thing alive!
  • From October 30 rehearsal  - Click to view assignments

    --Make sure to RSVP to Cheryl Boyle with your YES or NO for our trip to Milwaukee and Chicago --TODAY!!!

    --The "Awakening" - keep trying to sing it through non-stop.

    --"Abendlied" - look again at the German diction recording. Memorize the song using counting numbers. It will make adding German a breeze. 

    --"Allelujah" - MEMORIZE!

    --Sight Singing sheet - write in the Solfege syllables for Part 2

    --Surprise assignment - Watch and listen to the YouTube link below, then ask yourself the following question: Does this look like me when I am singing in Cantabile rehearsal because I DO NOT KNOW MY MUSIC?!!!

    --"Oye" - learn it! Refer to the YouTube link.
  • From October 23 rehearsal  - Click to view assignments

    --Listen to and learn German diction from "Abendlied".

    --If you have not done so yet, write in Solfege syllables, Part 1, entire page, on Sight Singing handout.

    --Review and solidify all of your beginning, onset pitches on "Allelujah" - every entrance should be solid, accurate and clear - not messy and sloppy. If you still do not have the song memorized, MEMORIZE IT FOR CRYIN" OUT CHRISTMAS!!!!

    --Altos on the "Awakening": Allie did not write down your standing arrangement. Write down and remember where you stand - NOW - row and spot - I do not want to waste time on this next Sunday.

    --Here is a link to a fair SATB version of "The Awakening". You can listen to it and try to follow your part. Try to wrap your head around the song from start to finish. Do NOT become attached to this rendition. We will do it much differently!

    --If you think you might have STREP THROAT, get yourself check immediately. The infection is running rampant in Appleton. Stay healthy. Get some sleep.
  • From October 15 rehearsal  - Click to view assignments

    --Ad Sale: Ad forms and payment are due to the Academy office Friday, October 20th.

    --Memorize "Alleluja" on "Doo" - use analysis writings you did to help you
    We will sing the song around the perimeter of the choir room as I walk around and adjust voicing combinations. Sophomores go first!

    --Continue work on "Abendlied' - review your part.

    --Write in Solfege syllables, Part I, on the Sight Singing sheet - if you practice singing the part, do NOT use a piano!


  • From October 9 rehearsal  - Click to view assignments

    --Listen to the YouTube recording of an SATB choir singing "The Awakening."  With your music score in front of you, try to infuse your part into the performance through intense listening with your mind and your ears.  Do not become attached to this recording because we will be taking different tempos and using different expressive details.

    --Sopranos, play your part at M. 19 and 20 on Mozart's "Alleluja."  Repeat until you are confident those intervals are solid in your brain.

    --Continue to study "Abendlied."  Sing your part on numbers, start to finish, again, until you feel confident with your part.  We need to see how the entire piece fits together as a whole, and not just in chunks.  We cannot begin the German until all four parts are secure individually and combined.

    --On the Q-T:  Mrs. Lind was born in Eau Claire, WI.  Remember this fact and keep it to yourself!  Do not share with any other Cantabile members.  I'm trying to learn who uses this website and who does not!  Sh-sh-sh-sh!!


  • From October 1 rehearsal  - Click to view assignments

    --Check out again the YouTube link for "Abendlied."  Try to ferret out and sing along on your part using counting numbers, not German text.  Don't practice too much because if you have some wrong notes, they might become reinforced in your mind.  Listen with your EARS!

    --To those who did not complete last week's assignment on the Mozart "Allelujah":  Look at your part on "Allelujah." Note on paper sections that repeat or are slightly different; find pitch or phrase similarities or differences that will help you learn and memorize your part.


  • From September 24 rehearsal  - Click to view assignments

    --Check out the YouTube link for "Abendlied." Try to sing along on your part using counting numbers, not German text. Don't practice too much because if you have some wrong notes, they might become reinforced in your mind.

    -- Look at your part on "Alleluja". Note on paper sections that repeat or are slightly different; find pitch or phrase similarities or differences that will help you learn and memorize your part.

    --Get rid of your colds with proper rest, water, and nutritious food!!!


  • From September 19 rehearsal  - Click to view assignments

    --Writing assignment:  Name something as your goal to make this year in Girl Choir a better year.  It can be a new habit; it can be something you will work on harder; it can be musical, vocal, social, intellectual, every day work ethic; it can be to make yourself better; it can be to make Cantabile better.  You choose.  It does not have to be fancy or elaborately written.  Just get to the point.

    --Continue to check the LAM website for information about anything related to Girl Choir, especially information you need for our trip to Arizona in April.

    --Weather permitting, we will try ONE LAST TIME to go to the park near the beginning of the rehearsal.  So wear comfortable shoes.  If it's rainy or cold, we'll scrap the idea and go to Plan B.


  • From September 11 rehearsal  - Click to view assignments

    --Again, wear comfortable clothes and shoes next Sunday (9/17) IN CASE we go outside.

    --Remember, those of you who have not been voiced yet, I will open the doors at 5:00 PM on 9/17 to do VOICINGS in the choir room.  The earlier you come, the less people will be there to make you nervous!  Don't forget your 4x6 cards.  I really hope to finish this process before choir rehearsal begins at 5:45 PM.

    --It was sooooo great to see all of you last night!  This is going to be a fantastic year!  AAAAAAHHHHHH!   Think ARIZONA!


2017-18 Dress Rehearsal and Concert Dates

  • Tickets for the December concerts are available for purchase through the Lawrence University Box Office.
  • Please note: The Box Office will close on Wednesday, November 22 for the university's winter break. After the box office closes, the tickets will only be available for purchase online.
December Dress Rehearsal
Date Friday, December 8
Time 3:45-6:30 p.m.
Location Lawrence Memorial Chapel
December Concerts
Date Saturday, December 9
Time 2:00 and 7:00 p.m.
Location Lawrence Memorial Chapel
Webcast 7:00 p.m. concert will be available to
watch online through Livestream


March Dress Rehearsal
Date Friday, March 23
Time 3:45-6:30 p.m.
Location Lawrence Memorial Chapel
March Concerts
Date Saturday, March 24
Time 2:00 and 7:00 p.m.
Location Lawrence Memorial Chapel
Webcast 7:00 p.m. concert will be available to
watch online through Livestream


Choir Materials

  • Girls must bring a three-ring binder and two sharpened pencils to every rehearsal.
  • Music is the property of the Academy.
  • Girls are expected to complete weekly assignments, compiled in the Announcements section of this page.
  • Girls new to the program will receive a tote bag that becomes theirs.
  • Additional or replacement bags can be purchased through the Academy office at the cost of $10 plus tax.

Concert Uniform

  • A white performance top is provided by the Academy. The tops are the property of the Academy and must be returned in good condition at the end of the season. Please do not alter the tops. there will be a fee assessed to repair or replace a damaged uniform.
  • Girls new to Cantabile who were not in Arioso, must purchase a uniform black skirt.
  • Girls should wear black pantyhose and black closed-toed, flat-heeled dress shoes. 
  • Post-style earring for concerts are acceptable, no hoops.
  • Hair accessories must be small and the color of the hair. Hair must be its natural color. 

Electronics Policy

Cell phones, iPods, electronic readers, and other electronic devices are strictly prohibited during ensemble rehearsals and back stage during concerts.   If a family emergency takes place during a rehearsal or concert, please contact the ensemble manager.

The institution will comply with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act and DPI's Nondiscrimination Provision for all students.

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