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Lawrence Academy Girl Choir: Where Girls Find Their Voice

The Academy Girl Choir program is the only non-profit girl choir in the Fox Valley region. Through the study and performance of the highest quality music, the girls develop vocal technique, musical skills, creativity, expressive artistry and awareness of various cultures. The program creates an atmosphere that encourages girls to respect the uniqueness of others, to take risks that foster individual growth and to continue their development into self-assured young women.

In a typical year, more than 300 girls are enrolled in the Girl Choir program. They represent more than 50 schools throughout Northeast Wisconsin. Singers are expected to participate in their school music program; Girl Choir should not substitute for curricular music class. 

The Girl Choir program gives four public performances annually, held in the Lawrence Memorial Chapel in December and March. Older choirs enjoy additional performance opportunities in the wider community and throughout the nations. Auditions for all choirs (except Ragazze) are held in April for the following academic year. 

2018-19 Girl Choir Auditions

Audition registration for the 2018-19 season is now open. Please click the link below for more audition information and to register.

Girl Choir Auditions


The Girl Choir program is made up of seven choirs. 


This is the training choir of the Girl Choir program. It is the only non-auditioned choir, and is open to girls in third, fourth, and fifth grade. For more information, please visit the Ragazze webpage.


This is the entry-level auditioned choir of the Girl Choir program. Its focus is on healthy unison singing and score-reading skills. For more information, please visit the Primo webpage.


This choir focuses on solidifying score reading skills, furthers rhythmic and melodic reading skills, and introduces part-singing. For more information, please visit the Allegretto webpage.

Capriccio and Arioso

These two choirs develop part-singing skills and focus on healthy vocal production through the girls’ voice change. For more information, please visit the Capriccio webpage and the Arioso webpage.


This choir solidifies rhythmic and melodic sight-reading skills and introduces standard repertoire for young women’s choirs. For more information, please visit the Cantabile webpage.

Bel Canto

This choir is the capstone of the Girl Choir program. Bel Canto singers are independent musicians who learn standard repertoire for women’s voices. For more information, please visit the Bel Canto webpage.

GC Give

If the Girl Choir made a difference in your life, please consider a gift to the program. Your gift will help spark the souls and build the confidence of the next generation.

Girl Choir Give


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The institution will comply with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act and DPI's Nondiscrimination Provision for all students.

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