A teacher helping a student at the piano, one child playing the drum while the other child looks on, ten adults and one child playing gamelan instruments; their hands in the air, 8 students in white blouses and black skirts singing.


Musical Opportunities

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Academy teachers believe that music education is fundamental to the development of all individuals regardless of age, experience, or economic circumstances. We invest in the personal and musical growth of our students and work to develop each student's full musical potential. We employ diverse curricular materials that both encourage and challenge our students. We celebrate the crafts of musicianship and pedagogy as we mentor emerging music educators. Our goal is to help students become well-rounded musicians who have internalized the joy of music-making.

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Special needs teacher playing guitar with three students a tambourine, metal bell and wooden block, A student playing the trumpet, a teacher and young student playing gamelan drums, two students playing the string bass