piano teacher with duet students, chamber ensemble being coached, musical theatre singers with hands in the air

Academy Summer Camp/Workshop Guidelines

Code of Conduct

The Academy promotes a safe learning environment for all students and a supportive teaching environment for its faculty.  Therefore, we respectfully ask that students and their families respect their fellow Academy students, Academy teachers and staff, studios, rehearsal facilities, and musical equipment and supplies. Firearms, knives, and weapons of any kind are strictly prohibited at all times. Students must arrive on time for the beginning of instruction and be picked up promptly at its conclusion. The Academy is not responsible for the supervision of children outside of camp hours.

Refund Policy

Written cancelations received by the registration deadline will receive a refund, minus $75. No refunds after the registration deadline.

Absence Policy

If a camper will be absent, a parent/guardian must call the Academy, 920-832-6632 to report the absence for that day.

Late Pick Up Policy

Lawrence staff expect that students will be picked up in a timely manner at the end of each day. For safety reasons, we will not leave a child unattended. 

Health Forms

All campers must have a health form filled out with the Academy prior to arrival (this is included in the registration form). Campers will not be permitted to attend camp without the health form on file. All information is confidential. Please make sure that any special needs or concerns are noted appropriately.


Smoking and use of drugs or alcohol is prohibited. Firearms, knives, and all other weapons are strictly prohibited on the Lawrence University campus. Violation of these rules will result in automatic dismissal from camp, without refund.

Electronics Policy

Part of Lawrence’s philosophy is to allow campers to focus, without outside distraction, on their own artistic and personal growth. In fact, this is a long-standing tradition within many American residential youth camps. The skill of being present with those around you is an important one, both in musical endeavors and in life. Therefore, Lawrence no longer permits students to use electronic devices – including but not limited to cell phones, iPod/mp3 players, iPad/tablets, laptops, or electronic games – while at camp. Campers should leave electronics at home, and parent/guardians are expected to fully support this camp policy.

Day campers will be asked to turn in their phones with the camp director at the beginning of the day, where they will be kept safely until dismissal. Band camp commuters may require a phone to coordinate with home regarding pick-up details. Therefore, upon arrival at camp daily, the camper will be required to turn in his or her phone at the camp office until day’s end where it will be stored safely. If a camper must talk to a parent/guardian about a ride, she or he can go to the camp office to make a quick phone call.

As always, Lawrence will provide a phone number for emergency phone calls from home, and the Academy office remains open  daily Monday through Friday (please refer to the front page for hours).


Please be aware that the Lawrence Academy of Music uses professional photographers during performances, rehearsals, and events to capture images for promotional purposes. In addition, Girl Choir evening concerts are webcast via Livestream but not archived. Academy staff and students may be photographed during Lawrence Academy events with images published in print or on the Academy website and social media channels. Names are never published with images and there is no compensation for photographs. Completing registration for an Academy program indicates your understanding of, and agreement to, this photo policy.

Posting of Videos and Pictures on Web/Social Media

Please do not post recordings, either video or audio, of camp performances on YouTube or social media sites. The music performed is copyrighted material and such postings are illegal. Parents/Guardians and campers may record performances for their own personal use and enjoyment. In addition, please do not post identifiable videos or pictures of campers on social media sites (where the camper’s name tag can be read). Thank you for respecting the privacy of others.