Academy of Music teachers number approximately 50; most of them hold advanced degrees, certificates or diplomas in music education or pedagogy. Two-thirds of the Academy's teachers hold masters or doctoral degrees; well over half have taught in the Academy for more than 10 years. In addition to teaching, many maintain active performance careers. Lawrence University Conservatory of Music faculty members teach, by audition only, a number of highly motivated and accomplished students. Approximately 20 Conservatory of Music student teachers offer private lessons. They are teachers in training under the supervision of the Academy. Guest teaching artists augment Academy instruction with master classes and recitals.


I Dewa Ketut Alit Adnyana, Gamelan
Janet Bond Sutter, D.Mus.A., String Orchestra conductor
Carrie Gray, M.Mus., String Project lead teacher
David Hamilton, B.Mus, Symphonic Band conductor
Carol Leybourn, M.Mus., Chamber Music Ensembles
Michael Ross, M.Mus., Wind Ensemble conductor

Girl Choir Conductors

Karrie Been, M.Mus., Girl Choir conductor
Karen Bruno, M.Mus., Girl Choir coordinator and conductor
Jaclyn Kottman, '12, B.Mus., Girl Choir conductor
Debbie Lind, B.Mus.Ed., Girl Choir conductor
Patricia Merrifield , M.Mus., Girl Choir conductor
Cheryl Meyer, B.Mus.Ed., Girl Choir conductor

Early Childhood Music

Nell Buchman ,  M.Mus., Music for the Very Young

Special Needs Music

Sara Devine, M.S.W., (Music Therapy) Music for Special Needs

Theory and Aural Skills

Ann Boeckman '79, M.A.

Lawrence Conservatory Faculty

Placement of Academy students with conservatory faculty is by audition only.

Lawrence Student Teachers

Lawrence student teachers are music majors at the Conservatory of Music. All are teachers in training under the supervision of the Academy of Music. Student teachers are recommended by Conservatory faculty and have successfully completed a rigorous pedagogy class.


Robert Levy, M.Mus., trumpet
Keith Powell, M.Mus., French horn
Anne Witherell, Ph.D., low brass


Michael Ratsch, '71, M.Mus.


Nell Jorgensen Buchman, M.Mus., piano
Anna Reiser, '11, M.Mus., piano
Michael Rivers, M.Mus., piano
Larisa Topolkaraeva, D.Mus.A., piano
Mary Van De Loo, '89, M.Mus., piano
Catherine Walby, M.Mus., piano


Philip Baruth, '96, B.Mus., classical guitar
Barbara Beechey, D.Mus.A., violin, viola
Janet Bond Sutter, D. Mus. A., violin
Roza Borisova, D.Mus.A., cello
Caroline Brandenberger, A.B., violin
Kin Chau, M.Mus., viola and violin
Miyoko Grine-Fisher,M.Mus., cello
Nori Kalman, B.Mus., violin
Laura Kenney, M.Mus., cello
Leila Ramagopal Pertl, '87, M.Mus., harp
Yuliya Smead, D.Mus.A., violin
Susan Sullivan, B.Mus., string bass
Carrie Willer, Ph.D., cello


Philip Baruth, '96, B. Mus.
Carol Jegen, '70, M. Mus.
Jaclyn Kottman, '12 B. Mus.


Kelley Carpenter, '89, B.Mus., saxophone
Ramona Emrick, B.S. (Music Education), saxophone
Suzanne Jordheim, M.Mus., flute
Jerry Koleske, M.Mus., clarinet
Susan Lawrence McCardell, B.Mus., bassoon
Jon Meyer, D.Mus.A., clarinet and saxophone
Leslie Michelic, oboe

The institution will comply with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act and DPI's Nondiscrimination Provision for all students.

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