Brittany R. Alperin (she/her/hers)

Image of Brittany Alperin
Campus Address
Briggs Hall
Room 311
Dennis and Charlot Nelson Singleton Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience and Assistant Professor of Psychology

I am a cognitive neuroscientist in the Psychology department here at Lawrence. My research focuses on understanding the multidimensionality of thought and how certain qualities of thought relate to mental health and well-being. I am interested in what people think about, how thoughts dynamically change over time, what types of relationships individuals have with their thoughts, and what contexts modulate these different aspects of thought. I direct the Thought and Emotion Lab where self-report, cognitive, and human neuroscience (EEG/ERP) methods are used to investigate the inner workings of the mind. I primarily teach courses in cognitive neuroscience and psychology. I am also a lover of animals (particularly dogs and sheep), a plant fanatic, a live music enthusiast, and an amateur weaver.

Oregon Health & Science University, PhD
Hampshire College, BA
Years at Lawrence