Employee Resource Groups help support, sustain, and create community at Lawrence. Open to all faculty and staff.


Employee Resource Groups are intended to create community, provide resources, increase social networks, and encouraging a sense of belonging at a workplace. They’re a good place to find a friend, someone to have a coffee or a beer with, to problem solve or bounce ideas off, and with whom you have some aspect of identity in common.

All of these groups operate differently and have different needs. Some meet regularly and do things together; others are more loosely connected community who gather only for certain events; still others rarely meet but maintain resources available to them when needed. It really depends on the group.

Employees of Color

The mission of the Employees of Color ERG is to promote an inclusive community for faculty and staff who self-identify as people of color. Through networking and socializing, this groups shall serve as forum in which employees of color can share experiences and expertise, raise awareness, and address institutional campus climate issues.  Through fellowship, we strive to build connections that support and encourage our various career aspirations, make us feel valued and respected, and instill a sense of belonging at Lawrence University.

For more information please contact Ariela Rosa, Associate Director of Corporate, Foundation, and Sponsored Research

Pride Resource Group

The Faculty/Staff Pride resource group is for faculty and staff who identify as LGBTQ+ and for faculty and staff with family who identify as such. This group will provide a space to build community and identify resources. In addition, the group will host opportunities for networking and socializing for those who identify as LGBTQ+ (or are family) in and outside of the Lawrence community.

For more information please contact Helen Boyd Kramer, Affinity Groups Coordinator

Women’s Group

A new addition to the Employee Resource Groups at Lawrence, the women’s group aims to support all people who identify as women in their professional pursuits. As this is an emerging group, there is currently no leadership.

For more information, please contact Helen Boyd Kramer, Affinity Groups Coordinator

Emerging Professionals Resource Group

The Emerging Professionals employee resource group will provide a support network for professionals that are new to Lawrence and/or new to a career in higher education. Through personal outreach and social events, the group will strive to build a stronger sense of connection to the Lawrence community. We will also aspire to help facilitate personal growth and professional development for each individual by maintaining a space for developing our unique skill sets, troubleshooting personal challenges, exploring shared experiences, and reiterating the value of what we bring to our work and the broader community.

For more information, contact Amy Hutchings, Assistant Director of Donor Engagement

LIFT UP (Low Income, First-Generation Talent Unpacking Privilege)

LIFT UP is a group designed to support employees who identify as having been (or still are) low-income and/or first-generation through connection within these experiences. Through meet-ups, reach-out efforts, and programming, LIFT UP works to dismantle silence and stereotypes surrounding these identities and the issues they face on campus in order to make progress towards systemic changes. Our hope is also to provide students and others who identify as low-income and/or first-generation with positive models of strength, resilience, and success.

To learn more, Kate Zoromski, Associate Dean Of Academic Success

Global Employees of Lawrence Resource Group

Global Employees of Lawrence is a resource group for faculty and staff with global backgrounds and/or identities. The goal of this group is to bring our global employees together, sharing culture and experience while also locating/creating resources that will help bring to life a community of support on campus.

Currently, GEL has no one leading the group. Please contact Helen Boyd Kramer, Affinity Groups Coordinator