The DEIA Affinity Group Program at Lawrence University seeks to empower students, staff, faculty and alumni to contribute significantly to diversity, equity and inclusion efforts at Lawrence, the community, and the world.

The first goal is to create a strong sense of community for the most marginalized of our students. Affinity groups join people based on interest and identity. In addition to student groups, there will be ongoing planning for Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) in addition to the network of affinity groups created by alumni.

To achieve this, the Affinity Group Coordinator will meet with groups, create better channels of communication between leadership in them, and coordinate and collaborate in order to enhance diversity at every level of the university.

Goals of the DEI Affinity Group Program are to:

  1. Support and uplift Lawrence University’s current diversity based student groups. 
  2. Widen and deepen community awareness of what support students need based on identity, belonging, and affinity.
  3. Coordinate and consolidate diversity event planning.
  4. Create opportunities for diverse students to peer educate and organize in positive, institution building ways.
  5. Increase, over time, an understanding among all students, staff, faculty and alumni of the nature and character of diversity and inclusion at Lawrence University
  6. Provide educational opportunities, community building events, broaden and deepen community conversations about identity by applying intersectional awareness of the complexities of identity and belonging in an effort to uplift, support, and build agency for students marginalized by identity and history.

Duties include initiatives, workshops, and projects such as:

  1. Develop curriculum for the LU Affinity Group Program sessions
  2. Coordinate speakers, outings, workshops, and activities that support the goals of the program, including collaborating and coordinating with other DEI office programs, along with other offices and departments on campus
  3. Develop close trustworthy relationships with Affinity Group members across campus.
  4. Meet weekly with the VP for DEI and provide prompt, frequent communication on the LU Affinity Group Program and members
  5. Maintain prompt, frequent and direct communication with Affinity Group members related to concerns, needs, and requests
  6. Assist in creating a welcoming climate on campus and in the community that values the unique contributions each student, faculty and staff member makes to the educational experience.  
  7. Support each individual, office, organization and department in developing the skills, knowledge and habits of mind to approach their work with cultural competence, humility and an equity mindset.
  8. Assist in the evaluation and development of institutional policies and processes that prevent discrimination and bias related offenses.
  9. Help to provide redress when discrimination occurs.