Save a Life.
Uncontrolled bleeding is the number one cause of preventable death from trauma. Watch the videos below to learn about the kits, the contents and what to do in case tragedy should ever strike. It may just save a life.

Primary Principles of Trauma Care Response


Alert - Call 9-1-1

Get Help. Call 9-1-1 yourself OR tell someone to call 9-1-1. This will notify emergency medical responders and police officers to respond to the scene.



Find the source of bleeding. Open or remove the clothing over the wound, so you can clearly see it. Identify “life-threatening” bleeding. By removing clothing, you will be able to see injuries that may have been hidden or covered.



There are a number of methods that can be used to stop bleeding, and they all have one thing in common – compressing a bleeding blood vessel in order to stop the bleeding.

Using the Stop The Bleed Kit

Stop the Bleed Kit contents - latex-free gloves, 2 quick-release tourniquets, 2 wraps, 2 gauze rolls, and 2 combine pads
Stop The Bleed Kit contents include two (2) latex-free gloves, two (2) quick-release tourniquets, two (2) wraps, two (2) gauze rolls, and two (2) combine pads 
Stop The Bleed Online Course cover page

Take the Online STOP THE BLEED® Interactive Course

The STOP THE BLEED® Interactive Course guides you through the three methods of bleeding control using video demonstrations, interactive learning, and spontaneous quizzes. Please note that the tourniquet featured in this course is not a quick-release tourniquet. Below is a video on the quick-release tourniquet.

How to Pack a Wound

This video explains how to apply pressure to a wound to stop the bleeding and how to pack a wound if pressure is insufficient. Please note, this uses a tourniquet that is different from the one supplied in our kits. Please see the quick-release tourniquet video for instructions on how to use that device.

How to Use a Quick-Release Tourniquet

Watch this video to learn how to use a quick-release tourniquet. 

Self-Adhering Wrap Application

Learn how to use a self-adhering wrap to apply compression to a packed wound in locations where a tourniquet will not work. 

Hartford Consensus: Improving Survivability

This brief video provides an overview of recommended response and bleeding control protocol in the event of a mass casualty event.

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