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Ecological Resilience Studies in Costa Rica (G)

Costa Rica -

Tags: Biology, Economics, Environmental Studies, Global Studies, Government, Latin American Studies


This program is offered at a field station in the community of Atenas, located along the Rio Grande River in the Central Valley. Students enroll in four courses, each of which includes extensive field study and makes use of guest lecturers and opportunities to interact with the host community. The program provides environmental studies majors who wish to focus on policy issues with an opportunity to study the challenges that developing countries face as they attempt to increase prosperity while striving for levels of sustainable development that preserve natural resources.

Satisfies Requirement(s):

GER Global Diversity


No previous language study required. At least one college-level course in ecology, biology, or environmental studies/science required.

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Important Details

Duration and Application Information:

Offering Duration: Summer, Semester

Direct admission is not available for this program.

Language(s) of Coursework:

Primary: English
Secondary: Spanish

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