What is ILLiad?

ILLiad is an electronic interlibrary loan system that provides each current Lawrence University student, staff and faculty member with access to their own interlibrary loan account.

We chose to implement ILLiad at Lawrence University because of the convenience and access it allows our patrons. With ILLiad, patrons are able to:

  • Enter personal information only once, with the first log in (as opposed to with each request)
  • Retrieve articles electronically through your ILLiad account
  • Track interlibrary loan requests through the entire process
  • Submit renewal requests in your ILLiad account


Will I need to create an ILLiad username and password?

No, you can log in to ILLiad with your Lawrence University username and password! You will, however, need to enter some contact information on your initial login.

Can I see my requests that I placed before ILLiad was installed?

Unfortunately, only requests that are originally placed in ILLiad will appear in your ILLiad account.

Will I need to download software to use ILLiad?

No, patrons access ILLiad through a web browser. When accessing ILLiad on a public computer, remember to log out of your account.

Can I still submit ILL requests through the databases, like before?

Yes! When clicking the blue FindIt @ Lawrence button to check for electronic access to an item in a database (Ebsco, JSTOR, etc.), you will see the option "Request via ILLiad- Interlibrary Loan" if we do not have access to the item. Upon selecting this option, you will be prompted to log in to your ILLiad account (with your LU username and password). If this is your initial login, you first will be asked to enter some account information. You will then be taken to an article request form populated with your requested article information. Your account will remain logged in for 15 minutes, should you choose to submit more requests.

I submitted a request, but I don't know what the status next to it means.

Take a look at our ILLiad Request Status List for explanations of the most commonly occurring statuses.

How can I learn to use ILLiad?

Contact Andrew McSorley with any questions about ILLiad. You can also submit the interlibrary loan contact form.

Experiencing problems with ILLiad? Please let us know so that we can fix them!

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