Faculty and campus organizations often place on reserve books, copies of journal articles, videos, CDs and other materials which are heavily used by large numbers of students. The reserve room is located behind the Circulation Desk and is only accessible by circulation desk assistants, who will retrieve items for students. Audio-visual and Conservatory reserve materials are also kept here and may be checked out for use in the library only.

The basis for our reserve system is the Lawrence University Honor Code, which applies to the misuse of library materials as well as to plagiarism and cheating. It states, in part, that a student shall not "in any way intentionally limit or impede the academic performance or intellectual pursuits of fellow students."

When charging out reserve materials you assume responsibility for them until their return to the reserve desk, even if you loan an item to another person. When you return reserve materials, please return them to a circulation desk worker so we know that you returned your materials on time. Repeated late returns will constitute an Honor Code violation.

Two hour reserve materials normally must be used in the library. Some may be checked out for use outside the library only during the last half hour of the library day. Both overnight and three day books must be returned within the first half hour of the library day.

If unusual circumstances require that reserve materials be needed for a longer period, written permission should be obtained from the instructor.

Since the purpose of reserve materials is to make them available for many persons, it is very important that the designated loan period be observed.