Music Reserves

Faculty are encouraged to use the library's paid streaming media subscriptions, such as Naxos Music Library, for e-Reserves. A complete list is available on the Music Electronic Resources page. Permalinks to entire CDs or individual tracks can be added to Moodle pages. Media files may be accessed off campus when proxy links are added to the URLs.

If the desired works are not found in the streaming audio databases, tracks from CDs from the Mudd's collection or personal CDs may be added to electronic reserves pages. Bring the CD to the circulation desk along with a completed electronic reserve card (one card per CD). If you would like to put the CD on the shelf as well, place a red dot on the card when you come to the circulation desk. If you have any question please contact Antoinette at 920-832-6995 (x6995 on campus) or via email. To find previously digitized recordings (not available off campus,) see our page of previously digitized music reserves (on campus only).