Civil War Collection

Scope and Contents

Our Civil War Collection is a standout in the region. If one were to consider the seminal pieces in the field, especially Lincolniana, our collection likely has a copy. It contains over 2,200 titles and includes contemporary books and current scholarship, photos, military documents, and books of music. The collection was started by two alumni, Robert S. French, ’48, concentrating on Lincoln, and Keville Larson, ’20, dealing with the Civil War more generally.

Lincoln Reading Room

The Lincoln Reading Room contains the Lincoln Collection of books, documents, pictures, works of art, and other memorabilia. The room includes handsome, secure cabinetry that contains the collection, and a long table with lamps for reviewing materials from the collection or for general studying.

This room can be reserved by Lawrence University faculty, staff and students for academic or administrative functions on an occasional (i.e., not regularly-scheduled) basis through the university's Room Reservation Application, or by contacting Holly Roycraft. If this room is not otherwise in use it is available for individual or group study on a first-come first-served basis.