Wisconsin Documents

The purpose of the Wisconsin Document Depository Program is to collect and distribute state publications to Wisconsin libraries. Lawrence University is a "Selective Depository Library," which means that we receive a portion of the thousands of documents published by Wisconsin state agencies.

The Wisconsin Document collection is located on the fourth floor of the library, next to the Wisconsin Collection. The collection is arranged by a two or three letter call number based on the publishing agency. The number after the agency designates the publication type followed by a code for a keyword in the title and the year of publication, e.g., Env.1/6: B13/1994, Leg2.3: B/1996, He.4: A4/1998.

Searching for Wisconsin Documents in the Library Catalog

Most Wisconsin Documents can be retrieved by a publisher advanced search in OneSearch, with the library catalog option. For example: Madison WI will find things published in Madison, most of which will be Wisconsin documents.

You may also browse by call number if you know the state agency responsible for publishing the document. For example: Adm, Ed, Leg, His, Nat, etc.

Many Wisconsin Documents are also available online, through the Wisconsin Digital Archives and the Wisconsin.Gov website.