For transferring University records, please refer to our guidance on Records Management.

Why Donate?

The Lawrence University Archives collects unique materials that document the history of Lawrence and Milwaukee-Downer College. Each collection in the Archives contributes to a broad, nuanced documentation of Lawrence as an institution and a community. Collections also serve as primary resources for teaching and research by Lawrence University students, faculty, staff, alumni, and members of the wider community. Donations to the Archives directly support these pursuits.

What to Donate

The Archives is primarily interested in complete collections which fully document the life and work of individuals and organizations affiliated with Lawrence or Milwaukee-Downer, but will often accept single items as well. We cannot accept donations which are in poor condition (moldy, insect-ridden, or otherwise) unless they are of extraordinary intellectual value.

For more details on our collecting priorities, please refer to our Collection Development Policy.

How to make a donation

If you are considering a donation, please contact the archivist. Once the details of a donation are agreed upon, both parties sign a deed of gift. This deed transfers ownership of the records to the University and ensures that we are able to make materials available to researchers. Please note that the Archives cannot provide monetary appraisal of any donated items.

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