Using the Archives

Materials are housed in the Archives because they are unique and of long-term historical interest. The nature of these materials requires that researchers adhere to the following policies:

  • You do not need a Lawrence identification card or a library card to use materials. However, we do ask that all researchers sign in upon entering the Archives.
  • No food or beverage is permitted in the Archives.
  • Request items from the archivist. Browsing the Archives stacks is not permitted.
  • When working with archival materials, only paper, pencils, laptops, and other reference materials may be used.
  • Collections must be handled with care. Materials cannot be marked or folded, and their existing order must be maintained. Gloves are not required, but are available for handling photographs or artifacts.
  • Please maintain quiet in deference to other researchers in the Archives. We ask that you turn your cell phone to vibrate and answer it outside of the Archives.
  • Photocopying, scanning, or photographing of archival materials must be approved by the archivist.

For more information on conducting archival research, see this guide from the Society of American Archivists.

Records management

Records management is the systematic control of records throughout their life cycle - from their creation or receipt to their disposal or transfer to Archives. At Lawrence, these records may include minutes, invoices, reports, recordings, emails, and so on. For faculty and staff wondering how long to keep this stuff around and what to do with it, the Archives can provide consultation.

The Lawrence University General Records Retention Schedule specifies retention periods and disposition instructions for many common University records. For further information about records management at Lawrence, visit our records management guide.

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