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The Staff Connections Committee believes in creating a stronger Lawrence community where staff is an integral part of the learning process. We believe staff should have the opportunity to create and develop personal and professional connections across faculty and staff, to voice opinions about their community, and to work with administration in order to foster understanding of the needs of staff.

The Committee serves as a liaison to President Burstein and the additional senior leadership of the university. Please submit questions at any time to the Staff Connections email address to have your question anonymously posed to senior leadership.

Contact Us: staff_connection@lawrence.edu

Staff Connections Committee, 2019-2020

Committee Co-chairs

Will Greer, Head Men's Soccer Coach, Athletics

Tiera Heller, Brokaw Central Customer Service Specialist & Cashier, Financial Services


Kate Allison, Assistant Director of Alumni and Constituency Engagement, ACE

Rachel Bassi, Admissions Events Coordinator, Admissions

Andrew Billingsley, Techncian Specialist, IT Services

Rebecca Brucker, Assistant Director of Prospect Research, Alumni & Development

Ty Collins, Career Advisor, CLCE

Kim Faulkenhagen, Head Women's Volleyball Coach, Athletics

Kay Guilette, Executive Assistant, Financial Services

Amber Nelson, Associate Director of Annual Giving, Annual Giving

Colleen Richey, Custodian, Facility Services

Blia Vang, Human Resources Coordinator, Human Resources

Ashton Vicente, Allegretto Girl Choir Mgr/Program & Marketing Assistant, Academy Of Music


Tina Harrig, Director of Human Resources

Megan Scott, Associate Vice President of Communications

Upcoming Staff Connections Events

Please visit the Lawrence University Staff page on Facebook or the Staff Connections Staff Development page for a list of events:

WHEN:  Thursday, May 28, 2020
WHERE:  Warch Campus Center - Somerset Room/Virtual Meeting
TIME:  9 - 10AM


Do you as a staff/faculty member have a concern(s) regarding Lawrence University?  If you do, please use the link below to fill out a form and get your concern addressed -


Committee Policies


To increase and enhance communication campus-wide, encouraging a sense of community and common purpose. We do this by facilitating All-Staff meetings on a regular basis, coordinating social events throughout the year, and providing opportunities for staff to communicate in several ways including a Staff Connections webpage, a Staff Connections email to send questions and feedback to, and Staff Connections co-chairs meeting regularly with the Lawrence University President and Vice President of Finance and Administration.


Schedule and develop three All Staff Meetings per year
Maintain the Staff Connection website
Explore and create plans to enhance campus communication
Respond to staff feedback
Other initiatives as appropriate
Individuals will serve as ambassadors for promoting positive campus-wide communication


A Chair of the Committee will be appointed by the Committee. One or more Co-Chairs may also be appointed as desired. The Chair or their designate is responsible for scheduling Committee meetings, setting the meeting agendas, and being a liaison between Committee members as necessary.
The directors of Communications and Human Resources departments will serve in an advisory role. They are responsible for providing guidance to the committee.


Membership shall consist of a minimum of eight staff members (both full-and part-time are eligible) and at least one leadership position. As much as possible, the committee will be composed of people from a variety of departments and roles.

Rotating Membership

Rotating membership will be in effect as follows:

At least half of all membership will consist of two-year appointments. The remainder may be one- or two-year appointments.
One-year appointments may be renewed as desired by the member for one additional year. Two-year appointments may not be renewed for a successive term. Therefore, a staff member may serve on the Committee for no more than two years in succession and must remain off the Committee for at least one year between appointments.
If a staff member must leave the Committee during their appointment, they will be asked to recommend their replacement if leaving will cause membership numbers to drop below the minimum of eight members.

New Membership

Volunteers will be considered first as new members to the Committee. Volunteers will be sought by inviting staff members to indicate their interest either through a web link or a one-question survey or email. This opportunity should be conveyed by the Committee to all Staff during the Winter term.
Volunteers will be chosen based on desire to serve and for the purpose of department representation on the committee.
Beyond those who volunteer, members may be invited as needed by their supervisor.


Three subcommittees currently exist which will remain in effect as long as appropriate.

All-Staff Meeting subcommittee
Engagement subcommittee
Community Development subcommittee
Each subcommittee shall consist of a minimum of three Committee members. Outgoing Committee members who are on a subcommittee are responsible for training the incoming Committee members with their responsibilities to ensure a smooth transition.


The Committee shall meet a minimum once per month throughout the 12-month term. Additional meetings will be scheduled as needed.

Volunteer for the Committee

Interested in serving on the Staff Connections Committee?  Fill out the form below to let us know. Recruitment generally takes place in the spring for the annual term beginning in June.

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