Facility Rental During the Academic Year

During the academic year, Lawrence University facilities are reserved first and foremost for instruction-related activities, and campus facilities and grounds are for the primary use and enjoyment of students, faculty and staff. University facilities are made available to community organizations after on-campus organizations have been given sufficient time to plan events and secure facilities for their needs.

Representatives of community organizations interested in facilities rental must first make initial inquiry for date clearance and use of a university facility or room with the Conference and Event Services Office. If approval is granted, the university will provide the community organization with written confirmation binding both the university and the community organization to the mutually agreed-upon date and use of the facility, equipment, fees and other university services. A deposit along with a Certificate of Insurance naming Lawrence University as an additional insured may be required. Upon completion of the event, the university will bill the community organization for all goods and services provided by the university, and the fees agreed upon. The Office of the President can establish priorities if there are important conflicts. Rooms are subject to availability.

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