Student Organization Email Address Application

Student Organization Email Address Application

Technology Services will provide an email account for student organizations on Lawrence's email server. To request modifications to an email account:

  1. Complete this online form.
  2. The submitted form will go to Rose Wasielewski ( in Campus Life for approval.
  3. Campus Life will approve the form and submit it to Technology Services to be processed.
  4. Once email address is created contact Technology Services Helpdesk for additional training.

Rules of Use:

  1. The email account is to be used for organizations business only.
  2. Use of the email account is subject to all University regulations and provisions regarding computer use, including (but not limited to) those in the Campus Wide Information System Policy Statement, the Technology Services Acceptable Use  Statement and material presented in the Student handbook.
  3. The organization must designate a contact person who is responsible for maintenance and content of the email account.
  4. The contact person is the only individual that may make changes to the email account. Changes may include increase in disk quota or modification of the list of individuals who have access to the email account.
  5. All users granted access to the email account will have full access and will be able to modify or delete any or all material placed therein.
  6. The email account will stay available until the owner's email account has been expired or Technology Services determines that the account is no longer being used.  When the owner graduates or leaves Lawrence, he/she must contact Technology Services to move the ownership0 of the email account to another person.
  7. Approval from the appropriate individual in Campus Life is required for processing.
  8. Failure to comply wit the rules of use will be grounds for closing the email account.  If warranted requests for disciplinary action will be forwarded to the appropriate campus office.

NOTE: This list will be deleted with your account when you graduate or leave Lawrence.  You must contact Technology Services to change ownership of the lists to another person.

My Organization is requesting an email account.  I have read, understand and agree to the above statements.



Shared Email Account

Technology Services will provide a shared email account for student organizations on LU’s email server.

  • To request creation of a shared email account, complete a sorg_email_address_form.docx
  • To request modification to an existing shared email account or change ownership of an email account, complete a sorg_email_change_owner_form.docx

Access your organization's email account:

Follow these instructions to access the email account via a shared email folder from your personal LU email account.

  1. Open and login to WebMail as usual
  2. From the top right corner where your name is displayed click on your name.
  3. At the popup window type in the email account name.
  4. Click OK. That account's emails will be displayed.

Important Note:

  • To switch back to your account simple go back to the top right corner where the account name is displayed and click. In the popup window type your name and click OK.
  • This is a shared email folder and it is likely that more than one person will have access to it.  If one person deletes an email, it will be gone for everyone.

Electronic Mailing List

Technology Services provides an electronic mailing (distribution) list for student organizations on LU’s email server. These lists are automatically generated.  Refer to Voyager-General Student Information- Organization Rosters for your list name. Questions can be directed to Assistant Dean of Students for Campus Life.

To view the name of your organization email list:

  1. Go to Voyager-General Student Information-Organization Rosters and select your organization from the drop down menu.
  2. The first page after selecting your organization from the drop down menu will contain a section titled “Email List.” The list name will begin with “SORG_”.

To use your electronic mailing list:

  1. Open Lawrence’s webmail and type the email list name into the “To” field. Using this mailing list will send an email from your account to all individuals on the organization’s roster. If someone responds to the mailing list, the email will go to just the individual who sent the email. Emails sent through this mailing list should be relevant to your organization’s mission statement.

To manage your list: (add/remove individuals)

  1. To add individuals to the mailing list, the contact of a student organization must add the person to the organization’s roster. Note, allow one full day for changes in contacts or additions/deletions to the roster to happen before attempting to send an email. 
  2. Once this mailing list has been confirmed to have been created by IT, open and login to WebMail from any browser EXCEPT Chrome.
  3. Click on the gear symbol next to your user picture (top right corner)
  4. Choose Mail from bottom section
  5. Select General from left edge
  6. Select Distribution groups from left edge
  7. Locate your organization's list under 'distribution groups I own'
  8. Double-click on list name
  9. A popup window appears. Click on Membership from left edge of pop-up.
  10. Click + or - sign to add or remove names.
  11. Click Save when finished.

Note: If your organization has a core of active members who are on the roster and a large number of students who only attend events or go on trips, the organization can apply for a second mailing list that is maintained by the group contacts by seeing the Assistant Dean of Students for Campus Life in the Campus Life Office.

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