Lawrence University Residence Hall Labs are 24-hour access facilities. Registered Lawrence students can use their student ID to gain entrance to the residence halls and labs. These labs contain networked Windows computers and a laser printer.

Note, these residence hall labs use "Print Management" which allows print jobs to collect in a queue until securely released by their owner from any Print Release Station (located around campus). If jobs are not released within an allotted time frame (generally 15 minutes), they will be automatically canceled, thereby eliminating duplicate and unwanted print jobs and reducing printed paper waste. Print jobs can be picked up from any print release station

Printers are checked two times a day for paper supply. If a printer is out of paper, please call the Helpdesk by dialing 6570 from the phone in the lab, or 920-832-6570 from a cell phone to request that the paper be restocked.

Note: Color printers, copiers, and scanners are currently not available in Residence Hall Labs. Color copying is available in the Library Reference Area on first floor and the Campus Center fourth floor for a small fee. Scanning is available in the Library Reference Area and room 214 - the ITC.

Residence Hall Labs are managed with cooperation from the Dean of Students Office.

Hall Lab Location
Brokaw -  3rd floor, NE corner
Colman - North wing - Basement & South wing- 1st floor lounge
Executive House - Basement lounge 
Hiett - Room 220 
Kohler - Basement 1
Ormsby -  Room 25
Plantz - Basement 7
Sage - 1st floor lounge
Trever - Basement 3 and 139, Print Release station is located on 1st floor.