Connecting your Mobile Device to the Wireless Network

Note - you must repeat the below step for each mobile device you wish to use on the LUwireless wireless network.

  1. From your personal device, turn on the Wireless connection.   You should be presented with a list of wireless networks in your area.  Every device is different on exactly how to turn on the wireless connection.  On Apple iOS, devices go to the Settings application.
  2. From the list of available networks, select the LUwireless network.
  3. Once connected to the LUwireless network you will be prompted for a username and password.  Enter your username and password.  Depending on your device, you may also get a certificate-warning message.  You must accept this certificate to continue.
  4. On an Android-based device, make sure to select PEAP for the EAP method and MSCHAPV2 for the phase 2 authentication.
  5. Once the connection to the LUwireless network has been made, start an internet browser to complete the registration process.   This will likely be Safari on the Apple iOS devices or Internet Explorer on Windows devices.
  6. In the browser go to  Select Continue at the security prompt. Instead of getting the desired site, you will be redirected to the Lawrence University Network Registration page. Click Continue at the bottom of the software piracy page.
  7. Phones or other personal devices will not require anti-virus software.  Click Continue at the bottom of the registration page.
  8. On the Select Options, page click on the top (student) link to continue.
  9. The registration and security agent application screen will appear.   Select your device type (either Smartphone or Other) from the drop down list box.  Enter your username and password and click the Continue button to register.
  10. Depending on your device, you may or may not get a successfully registered message.  This message will NOT appear for some devices.
  11. You must reboot your device.  You should then be able to access the internet on your personal device using the LUwireless wireless network.

Note: Remember that Lawrence currently has wireless service in academic buildings and in residence halls.  We do not yet have coverage outdoors or in some administrative buildings.

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