Spiritual Lives at Lawrence

The Spiritual Lives at Lawrence project is creating a video library of diverse persons from across campus talking about their spiritual and religious experiences and practices.  Our hope is that this project will be on-going and result in a diverse set of stories across generations of Lawrentians.  Everyone is invited and encouraged regardless of your background or current spiritual identity.  I hope you will find time to participate through a 20-minute conversation with me (Dean Morgan-Clement).  We will film the interviews and edit them down to approximately 5-8 minute segments which will then be added to the library.

Together this collection of conversations will tell the story of individual and collective spiritual lives at Lawrence and serve as a catalyst for more awareness and engagement with one another toward respectful spiritual and religious development and understanding.

The Video Library

Click here for additional videos of Spiritual Lives at Lawrence. 

Participate in the Project

Let us know if you're interested in participating in the Spiritual Lives at Lawrence Project.
Information below offers tips for preparing for the conversation. 

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Preparing for a Conversation About
Your Experience of Spiritual and Religious Life at Lawrence

Our goal is to illustrate a diverse spiritual and religious community at Lawrence by creating a library of persons from across campus talking about their experiences and practices.

As you prepare for your interview, please think about the main things that you would like for the Lawrence University community to know about the spiritual and religious aspects of your identity.  Linda Morgan-Clement or another trained interviewer will have a conversation with you for up to 20 minutes about your spirituality or religious life and the ways that it informs or shapes your experience at Lawrence.  You should assume that the listener knows enough background to have a context for what you share.  We will be gathering the background through a separate questionnaire and will include a small background piece with your interview.  Please use the time to “tell a story,” to use narrative, rather than to make a creedal statement.  Try to think in terms of a theme rather than chronology.  
In preparation, you might want to think about some of the following:
• Ways that your spiritual/religious identity contributes to your ability to play the role that you do at Lawrence.
• Resources (people, classes, spaces, groups) that you have discovered to help you develop and grow your own spiritual or religious life
• Challenges you have experienced or moments when you did not feel comfortable bringing your religious or spiritual identity into a relationship or conversation
• Shining moments when you were able to engage in conversation or dialogue that included your spiritual or religious life.
• Practices that have been sustainable while at Lawrence University
• Particular incidents when you were aware of the role that Lawrence or being at Lawrence is playing in your development as a spiritual person
• Ways in which your spiritual or religious identity plays a part in your ethical choices and moral behaviors.
• Ways that the Lawrence community can better be a place where a diverse range of spiritual and religious identities, practices, and beliefs can thrive together.

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