Kitchen and Community Room Details and Usage

Lawrentians are welcome to cook and stay for a community meal. 
Please do not use this kitchen for the purpose of taking food or beverages out of the space for another event. 


Abuse of this shared space may result in denial of future use.  The Kitchen/Community Room is a large set of rooms that serve host a range of activities.  Beyond the kitchen area the space has an electric piano, large screen TV connected to the campus internet, and a number of tables and chairs.  The Kitchen/community room can accommodate small religious services, community meals, small seminar, study groups, and faith based observances such as Día de Muertos or Diwali.  The space is used to support the dietary needs of several religious communities during special religious observances. throughout the academic year. The versatility is deliberate and the space is home to many regularly scheduled activities. 

The Community Room can be reserved through the Lawrence University reservation system.

KITCHEN USE POLICY - If there will be food served or managed, please note the guidelines below.

kitch with food.jpgThe Community Room at Lawrence Un iversity Center for Spiritual and Religious Life

Guidelines for Usage of the Sabin House Common Kitchen

  • The spaces used for food preparation and consumption should be limited to the first floor Kitchen, Community Room, and Living Room. Please avoid the Meditation Room with regard to food. 
  • There are quite a few dishes, glasses, and service pieces including utensils that are available. The house expectation is that if kitchen items are used, they should be cleaned and put away before you leave the building.
  • Wash any kitchen items you use and please leave the space tidy for the next visitors. We encourage you to open the cabinets and drawers to know what is available and where everything goes.
  • You may leave your dishes to air dry after washing, but there is a house preference to dry them and put them away.
  • Beverages and boxed food items (such as chips or muffins) are permitted in the second floor spaces.  Respect the carpets please.
  • Tables and chairs are available for you to set up, but the amount is limited and we ask that they be put away after use. The general rule is that you may leave the space as you found it.  If tables and chairs were out, you may leave them out at clean-up. 
  • The stove, oven, refrigerator, and microwave are all operational. We prefer they remain that way. Leave the stove cleaned and wiped after use. 
  • There are a number of small appliances that can be used such as a rice cooker, electric griddle, hand mixer, and crock pot.  Please wash whatever you use. 
  • Make every attempt to NOT burn the bottom of the frying pans. The product "Barkeeper's Friend" is safe to use on stainless steel pots and pans, but not on non-stick surfaces. 
  • Be kind to Mother Earth and do not abuse the disposables.
  • Items from our kitchen should remain in our kitchen. Please don’t take pots, pans, dishes, glasses, etc. out of Sabin House. 
  • Dirty towels go in the wire bin under the sink.
  • Please leave the location in clean or cleaner condition.

Guidelines for Food

  • Anyone may use community items such as sugar, flour, vegetable oil, vinegars, spices and butter. 
  • Cover all liquids to avoid spills. 
  • If you think you have used the last of a community item, please mark the need to purchase on the provided shopping list (found on the side of the refrigerator).
  • Please do not leave open metal cans in the refrigerator. Transfer foods to plastic containers.
  • Untagged food is considered sharable.
  • Please respect food items that are marked with the correct tag.  These items may belong to specific individuals and are not for public consumption.
  • If you have food you are willing to share, please indicate it with the correct tag that the food is sharable.
  • At a minimum, please date when the food was placed in the refrigerator.  This will keep all fridge users safe and provide a guideline for tossing out foul items.
  • Leftover food will be kept for approximately one week. 
  • Food leftover at the end of term will be thrown away.
  • Please report it to Sabin House staff if your food was stolen.