Students at Taize'Taize' worship services on campus are a partnership between Lawrence, All Saints Episcopal, and Memorial Presbyterian churches. These contemplative worship opportunities are ecumenical Christian services that follow a rhythm of simple chants, silence, and scripture.  Meditative and mindful, the candles and silence allow for centering and listening. 
The Office of Spiritual and Religious Life is regularly seeking students who can assist in creating the musical components of the service or read in English or another language. If you are interested in learning more, please contact the Taize' interns.  All services are open to the public.

Taize' for Fall term
5:00pm    Dinner to follow all services

October 6    @ All Saints Episcopal
October 20  @ Memorial Presbyterian Church
November 3   @ Sabin House-Center for Spiritual & Religious Life


Fridays at sundown
Shabbat marks the coming of rest and spiritual enrichment.  It is celebrated on the seventh day of the week in accordance with the Jewish calendar.  Light the Sabbath candles, enjoy challah and chant Kiddush over wine.  Celebrate with Lawrence’s Hillel chapter and express 'Shabbat Shalom' to encourage sabbath peace. 


Fridays at the noon hour
Jumma is observed in honor of a holy day of the week, to bring about forgiveness, to be heard by Allah, and  to make special prayers. It is a time for prayer within and for the community. The name Jumu`ah is derived from the Arabic Al-Jam’ which means 'to gather'.  This Islamic congregational prayer is observed by Muslims around the world.

Worship Communities

For many persons community is a critical part of the practice of their faith life.  The following list of faith communities is available shared without endorsement to assist you in exploring faith communities in the area.  Check here to find the worship community that best suits you.