Worship Shuttles

As a start to the new academic year, the office of Spiritual and Religious Life is arranging for hosts to guide students t to the places of worship that most suit their spiritual needs.  Walking into a new space can feel daunting, especially when you are on your own.  For weeks one and two, look for these spiritual hosts at the Wriston turnaround on Fridays and Sundays to find your way to your chosen place of worship or tradition.  

Spiritual Companions

The goal of spiritual direction is to help individuals grow in a personal relationship with God. The purpose of direction will be to sensitize people further to the presence and action of God in their lives, and to assist them to make a fuller response to it.  Spiritual spiritual direction can assist an individual to focus on experience rather than ideas, creating a unique interior freedom. 

You can contact the Center for SRL for additional details about working with a spiritual companion and how these trained companions can help provide clarity for your spiritual pathway.

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