Intersections at the Center for Spiritual and Religious Life is a series of experiential workshops led by members of the community, that explores the intersections where faith, scholarship, work and activism meet.  They are an opportunity to explore the spaces where our spiritual lives and work/study/activities intersect.  Various persons from across campus lead a three or four week series that is open to any member of the Lawrence community. 

While Intersections are grounded in a particular tradition or experience, the explorations are open to all regardless of background.  We will follow a pattern of one large introductory session with an invitation for a smaller group to make the commitment to go deeper in a 3-4 week experience. 

weaved baskets and yarn only.jpgWeaving

Work with weaver Sara Gilbert in exploring the intersection between Weaving and Spiritual Life. You will weave a piece of your own, and also work with others to create a piece for the Center. 

Wednesdays: January 17, January 24, January 31

IFYC Summer 2018

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