Intersections at the Center for Spiritual and Religious Life is a series of experiential workshops led by members of the community, that explores the intersections where faith, scholarship, work and activism meet.  They are an opportunity to explore the spaces where our spiritual lives and work/study/activities intersect.  Various persons from across campus lead a three or four week series that is open to any member of the Lawrence community. 

While Intersections are grounded in a particular tradition or experience, the explorations are open to all regardless of background.  We will follow a pattern of one large introductory session with an invitation for a smaller group to make the commitment to go deeper in a 3-4 week experience.

close-up of water


Essential to the earth and to our being. Essential for healing and nourishing.  Be a part of explorations around water and the many ways that its spiritual expansiveness can be experienced.  Whether in religious settings or secular spaces, experience water from the vantage point of a world traveler, a swimmer, and a Lawrence Alum. 

At the Center for Spiritual and Religious Life

Bjorklunden Unplugged

Get away at least once a year and remove your screens, your earbuds, your distractions, and your fears of being without technology.  Use this time to connect IRL with campus friends and mentors. Start a discussion you've been wanting to have. Play a game. Walk and listen without any interruptions.  Bjorklunden's atmosphere, lakefront views, high ceilings and comfortable skies are both inspiration and salve. 

This program is arranged as a collaboration between the Wellness Center, Campus Life, and the Center for Spiritual and Religious Life.  All are welcome but space can be limited for this very popular experience.  Sign up HERE.

A Weekend Away: Holy Wisdom Monastery

Open to women of all ages, this retreat allows you to take time away from your busy schedule to pray, reflect and share with the sisters at Holy Wisdom Monastery.
Holy Wisdom Monastery is located near Madison, WI and their mission, vision and ministries are shaped by values drawn from the Rule of Benedict: beauty, balance, simplicity, silence and respect for all of creation.

The weekend begins at 10:00 am and will conclude at 12:30 pm, on Sunday. Cost is $100, for room/ board and the retreat.  Transportation is provided for up 6 persons from Lawrence University.

If you are interested, send an email to with your name and register on-line with Holy Wisdom Monastery.  Registration deadlines apply.