Eco Spirituality Retreat - September 28th

close up view of prairie grassReplenish your spirit on a Wisconsin prairie. Open your senses to the greening of the self. Listen and tell stories of caring for the land and the connections of purpose.  At Holy Wisdom Monastery, you can retreat for the day and have a visit with the meaning in your life as you explore the outdoors.  Share with others and also allow yourself the contemplative space to envision and reflect.  Imagine what you will take with you when you leave for the day? Contact the Office of Spiritual and Religious Life for details on how to sign up.   

LU UNplugged

Get away at least once a year and remove your screens, your earbuds, your distractions, and your fears of being without technology.  Use this time to connect IRL with campus friends and mentors. Start a discussion you've been wanting to have. Play a game. Walk and listen without any interruptions.  Appleton's riverfront walking and comfortable skies are both inspiration and salve.

This program is arranged as a collaboration between the Wellness Center, Campus Life, and the Center for Spiritual and Religious Life.  All are welcome but space can be limited for this very popular experience.