Fall Welcome and Open House

hand holding a plant in a glass of waterThis campus favorite will return again in 2019!  Explore Sabin House and the Center for Spiritual and Religious Life.  While you take in the plant and student connection, contemplate your own development in academic and non academic ways, as well as in spiritual or religious aspects. Think of what you will achieve as you root, water, consider sunshine, and achieve growth. 

Atheist Dialogue

sunrise on Lake Michigan

Center for Spiritual and Religious Life - Sabin House

As a place for both religious and non-religious persons, the Center for Spiritual and Religious Life will be host to a dialogue geared toward welcoming the Lawrence atheist community.  As a belief system, Atheism brings to light a perspective that punctuates the concept of spirituality in a unique way.  This will be a space for conversation and reflection for those who identify as atheist, agnostic, non-believers, secular humanists, or questioning.  Open to Lawrence students, staff, and faculty.