Fourth Friday Lunch

Lunch and conversation is offered for Lawrence employees on the fourth Friday of each month when classes are in session.  This luncheon offers a space for the staff and faculty to share personal experiences around a specific topic, enjoy a presence of community outside of the classroom or office, and connect over a simple soup and salad.  

detail of a green salad with tomatos

No reservation required.  Check Facebook or the LU calendar for additional details.  
Lunches 2019-20 Academic Year - All lunches will start at noon.  

September 27, 2019
LATE ADD ON:  October 25, 2019
November 22, 2019
January 24, 2020
February 28, 2020
April 24, 2020
May 22, 2020

Spiritual Library

As a place for knowledge and reference, there exists a growing collection of books in the Center for Spiritual and Religious Life. You can explore our house library to find resources for spiritual exploration and you’ll come across introductions, poetry, sacred texts, novels, spiritual guidance and much more.  There is even a game or two in and among the bookshelves!  

Weaved Handcaft

  1.made skillfully by hand hands hooked at the fingers. wrists in bracelets.

Weaving takes the individual into pattern and thought, design and art. Interlacing two or more distinct strings and creating something new is a practice in contemplation and attention.  Unplug and move into a thoughtful space connecting mind to action in simple and complex ways.  Weaving thread and beads available at Sabin House. 

My Intent Bracelets

MyIntent Project's mission is to be a catalyst for meaningful conversations and positive action. By exploring the one word that drives the intention of your personal journey, these bracelets are a reminder of the wearer's choices to embody that intention. A selection of the tools available to explore your intentional word and create a wearable reminder are available at Sabin House for an individual to use.  Practice, fail and practice some more as you explore what your word is and create your bracelet.  

Drop-In Drops

This fun active meditation is a great place to share your energy with another. Using polymer clay, you can create a small 'drop' that Center staff will bake and make available to be shared with other visitors to the space.  Place your gratitude, worry, or just plain nervous energy into a tangible form, and then allow it to absorb a new meaning for someone else.

Drop in anytime and create a water drop of your own.

Color and Spirit

There are a few books you will find to put your colorful expressions in a safe place.  Coloring for adults is a visit to a simple time and this active meditation allows the person coloring to let thoughts, emotions, grief, happiness, fear, joy or uninhibited assessments occur.  Color in our books, or bring your own.  Colored pencils provided.