Hillel/Chavurah (Circle of Friends)
Meeting Information
Location: Sabin House Living Room; Day: Fridayday; Time: 530pm; Frequency: Weekly
Rose Wasielewski (Fac/Staff/Stud Advisor) rose.wasielewski@lawrence.edu
Julian Cohen  julian.n.cohen@lawrence.edu
Rebecca Bernheimer rebecca.e.bernheimer@lawrence.edu
We welcome all students to learn about and celebrate Jewish life and culture in a way that is welcoming, educational, and fun for the greater Lawrence community.

Lawrence Christian Fellowship (LCF)
Meeting Information
Location: Mead-Witter Room, Warch ; Day: Wednesday; Time: 9:00pm; Frequency: Weekly
Alan Parks (Fac/Staff/Stud Advisor) alan.e.parks@lawrence.edu
Kenneth W. Bozeman (Fac/Staff/Stud Advisor) kenneth.w.bozeman@lawrence.edu
Joanne H. Bozeman (Fac/Staff/Stud Advisor) joanne.h.bozeman@lawrence.edu
Kathryn Grace Bellile kathryn.g.bellile@lawrence.edu
Lawrence Christian Fellowship is a student run, Christ-centered Christian community on campus. On a weekly basis, LCF consists of a large group meeting, bible studies, prayer meetings, and men's and women's groups. We are an open community that welcomes all denominations and individuals interested in exploring the Christian faith.

Lawrence University Pagan Society (LUPS)

Lawrence University Unitarian Universalists (LUUU)
Meeting Information
Location: (none); Day: (none); Time: (none); Frequency: (none)
Robert F. Williams (Fac/Staff/Stud Advisor) robert.f.williams@lawrence.edu
John Newhall  john.b.newhall@lawrence.edu
LUUU is a place where everyone is welcome, where spiritual and intellectual growth is encouraged, where the interdependent web of life is respected, and where students are taught to celebrate all the world's religions. LUUU aims to be a community for moral and spiritual support in this academic atmosphere.

Multifaith Council

The Multi faith council supports the Center for Spiritual and Religious Life.  The Council includes students and employees from the University community.  Members of the Council do not represent particular student organizations, but they interact closely with them.  The Council is constituted to include representatives from diverse religious and spiritual backgrounds, including atheism and secular humanism as well as a variety of spiritual practices.

The Council meets on a regular basis to accomplish the following:

Provide advice and support to the Dean of Spiritual and Religious Life and the staff of the Center for Spiritual  and Religious Life.

Engage in interfaith dialogue among them membership

Envision, create, and provide one multi faith event for the campus community each term.

Persons interested in becoming members of the council are invited to complete the interest form or to contact Dean Morgan-Clement.

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