Photo of Sabin House-Center for Spiritual & Religious Life

The Center for Spiritual and Religious Life is located in Sabin House, one block south of College Avenue at the corner of Meade and Alton Streets. The Center for Spiritual and Religious Life includes a community area with a full kitchen, a living room with a fireplace, a meditation room, and a second floor meeting room. 

Reverend Linda Morgan-Clement, Julie Esch Hurvis Dean of Spiritual and Religious Life, Associate Dean, Reverend Terra Winston and Karen Brennan, Administrative Assistant and Sabin House Coordinator, have their offices in the center. 

Visitors will find art from several of the world's religious traditions, a library to support individual spiritual growth and multifaith exploration, quiet space and supplies to support for reflective activities.

Center mission statement-The Center for Spiritual and Religious Life is a gathering space for curious, intentional, respectful engagement with persons of similar or different religious traditions. It is a place for quiet personal reflection and spiritual practice.

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Spiritual and religious practice is welcomed and encouraged here.
Our campus community includes persons who have diverse religious and spiritual practices and beliefs. We ask that users observe the following etiquette so that everyone feels welcome in this private/public space.

House Etiquette

REMOVE YOUR SHOES: If you are able, please remove your shoes as a way of respecting the space and keeping the floor clean for those who will use it for prayer and meditation.  
EMBODY TRUSTWORTHINESS: Personal sharing that takes place in the room stays in the room. Take out and share the ways in which the conversation or experience has changed your thinking or actions.
BE CURIOUS: What we presume to know about others is often based on  stereotyping or profiling and gets in the way of listening. We are here to learn and seek understanding not to debate. 
BE HONEST & GENTLE: Expect to react and for questions to arise as you share this space with others. It is appropriate to acknowledge your reactions and to ask respectful questions. 
SHARE, DON’T SHOVE: We encourage you to share your questions and your convictions with the intent to explore and understand rather than to convert or convince. 
PRACTICE FORGIVENESS: We learn from trying and making mistakes. Seek to forgive as others seek to learn. 
SPEAK FOR YOURSELF: Use “I statements” to relieve the pressure to speak on behalf of all others who share your identity. This practice also precludes generalizing about people with identities different from your own. 
STEP UP/STEP BACK: Some people participate by speaking up while others participate by listening. It is important for everyone to have opportunity to step up in conversation and for those who step up frequently to step back.

A Brief Look Back

Like many of the buildings on campus, Sabin House had a history before it was the Center for Spiritual and Religious Life.  It was once a private residence of an alum of the class of 1860 who also served as a trustee, and has since served as fraternity housing, faculty housing, student housing, and was also used at one point for social programs. 

Sabin House Transformation

Find out more about reserving the spaces in the Center for Spiritual and Religious Life here.