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Each day we see students’ lives enriched thanks to the role you play here at Lawrence. We value learning at Lawrence and we value you. We are excited to introduce a new informational series for staff and faculty called Learning at Lawrence. This series will offer sessions throughout the year on a variety of topics to help each of you learn more about what you need to more effectively do your job, resources available on campus, what various departments do to support our overall mission, tours, and more! The average session will last 40 minutes, allowing travel time to and from to keep your time away to one hour. Optional Q & A and/or tours may be offered beyond this timeframe.

2017 Sessions

Feb. 15
Introduction to the Annual Budget Process presented by Jenna Stone, Executive Director of Budget and Planning
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This session is an introduction to the annual budgeting process, from initial department requests to a complete institutional budget. Appropriate for budget managers as well as assistants who enter budget request data in Banner. Whether you’re new to Lawrence and going through the budget process for the first time, or a veteran budget manager looking for a refresher and update on what’s new this year, this session will have something useful.
Feb. 28

Privacy and Information Sharing presented by Julia Messitte, University Counsel
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This session is highly encouraged for all staff and faculty to attend. It will address how members of the Lawrence community should respond to requests for student and employee information in a manner that respects individual privacy as well as legal requirements.  Suitable for any Lawrence employee with questions on whether, how and with whom to share information regarding students or employees. We will discuss how the answers depend on who is seeking information, why, and under what authority; what information they are seeking and in what form; and whether we have discretion to share the information.

Mar. 23

Understanding Financial Aid presented by Sara Holman, Director of Financial Aid
11:10-11:50 a.m. or 1:10-1:50 p.m., Warch Campus Center
This session will provide an overview of the Financial Aid process including Lawrence University’s three dependent tuition benefit programs: Lawrence University Tuition Remission, ACM Tuition Remission, and National Tuition  Exchange.  In addition to highlighting the specifics of each program, Sara will explain how they fit into the admission and financial aid process, as well as when and how to apply for each program.

April 7

Data, Data Everywhere presented by Kristin McKinley, Director of Research Administration
11:10-11:50 a.m. or 1:10-1:50 p.m., Warch Campus Center
This session will provide an overview of the Office of Research Administration, which compiles a wide variety of institutional data and information about Lawrence University. Kristin will demonstrate how you can find answers to common questions on your own by accessing readily available resources. This session is suitable for any Lawrence employee, and those who request data from our office are highly encouraged to attend.

  Additional Presentations and Dates to Be Announced Soon!


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