Q:  Who can submit a nomination?

Active, regular, full or part-time faculty or staff can submit a nomination.

Q:  Can I nominate more than one candidate?

No.  Employees can only nominate one staff member per year.

Q:  Who is eligible?

Active regular full or part-time staff member with at least one year of service at Lawrence University.

Q:  Who is not eligible?

Senior Administrators, faculty, student workers/students, staff with less than one year of service, casual, temporary, leased/contracted employees.

Q:  Who are considered to be "Senior Administrators"?

The following are considered as Senior Administrators:

  • Ken Anselment
  • Christyn Abaray
  • Kimberly Barrett
  • Mark Burstein
  • Christopher Card
  • Calvin Husmann
  • Catherine Kodat
  • Christopher Lee
  • Brian Pertl

Q:  How do I put together an effective nomination?

Consider individuals who consistently go above and beyond in their day-to-day efforts, who strive to make a difference for the Lawrence campus and the surrounding community, while embodying the mission of the University.  Persuasive nominations will consist of solid examples that illustrate the candidate’s merit, heartfelt testimonials and/or real life anecdotes.

Q:  What if I need assistance writing my nomination or have general questions?

Contact Rochelle Blindauer, at rochelle.l.blindauer@lawrence.edu or 920.832.6541 for any inquiries regarding the nomination process and to obtain resources for writing assistance.

Q:  What are some phrases that could be used in an effective nomination?

• Passion for the job
• Meaningful collaboration with team members
• Leading by example
• Driving innovation and initiative
• Positive impact on the Lawrence community
• Providing exemplary support to staff, students, faculty, the community
• Demonstrating high levels of commitment of stewardship and respect
• Contributing to the Lawrence University mission
• Empowering others to be successful
• Cheerful
• Exhibiting good judgment
• Professional
• Efficient
• Inspiring
• Motivating others
• Helpful
• Pleasure to work with

Q:  How do I submit a nomination?

Complete the Nomination Form, not to exceed three typed pages, by November 17, 2017.  When finished with the nomination form, you will need to select “file”, “save as” and save to desktop or personal folder.  The form can be submitted via one of the following methods:

Email:   Excellence@lawrence.edu
Fax:  920.993.6026
Interoffice Mail:  Rochelle Blindauer, Human Resources
Hand Deliver:  Rochelle Blindauer, Brokaw Hall, Room 108

Q:  How will the award be selected?

All of the nominations will be reviewed by the President and  Review Committee, who will select two award recipients.

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