Optional p-card approval procedures for pandemic conditions

See the Accounts Payable page for information on optional electronic (email) procedures for review and approval of p-card reports and other payment approvals.

Department Managers may propose personnel to be cardholders by completing the Corporate Card Request Form and submitting it to Kay Guilette in Financial Services.  The proposed cardholder will be issued a copy of the corporate card policy and be required to sign an employee agreement.  The signed employee agreement indicates that the cardholder understands the corporate card procedure and responsibilities of being a cardholder.

The program administrator will maintain all records of corporate card requests, limits, cardholder reports, and lost/stolen/destroyed card information.

If the card is lost or stolen, the cardholder should immediately notify the credit card company by calling 1-800-282-7496.  Representatives are available 24 hours a day.  The program administrator is also to be notified immediately.  A new card will be promptly issued to the cardholder after the reported loss or theft.  If the card is found by the cardholder after being reported lost, please report and send the card to the program administrator.