Temporary Financial Procedures for Coronavirus Response

Financial Services is modifying some of our usual policies and practices to adapt to pandemic conditions. Modifications for Accounts Payable include temporary procedures for electronic (email) approvals of invoices, disbursement requests, expense reimbursements, and p-card reports. The basics still hold -- we still require supervisor review and approval of all payments. But we are creating optional procedures for doing this by email, as a temporary measure during this public health emergency. See the document for details:

Accounts payable electronic submission updates.pdf

Invoices/No Invoices

At Lawrence University, we pay from original invoices only.  Accounts Payable will not accept copies, statements, sales orders, or packing slips.  Please contact Accounts Payable for clarification on exceptions for lost invoices or for statements.

When the invoice is mailed directly to Accounts Payable, the Accounts Payable Specialist will send the invoice to the appropriate individual for approval.  When the invoice is mailed directly to a Department, the responsible person should review and approve the invoice.  This includes signing and dating the invoice, writing the appropriate accounting code (Fund-Organization-Account-Activity), providing a brief description of the expense, noting any special payment/mailing instructions, and paper clipping any items to the invoice that need to be mailed with the check.

Occasionally, Accounts Payable will be asked to pay for a product or service for which no invoice was issued.  In these cases, the department should complete a Disbursement Request form, attach appropriate documentation, and forward to Accounts Payable for payment.

If there is an order form, make a copy of the order form and enter the approval information on the copy.

** Important: Please be aware of the payment due date and any discounts available to allow adequate time for the invoice to be processed by Accounts Payable timely.

Expense Reimbursement

Expense reimbursements where no advance was obtained should be completed for employees who have spent funds for travel or other business done on behalf of Lawrence University.

The Expense Reimbursement Report must be completed for expenses on a weekly basis.  Original signature of both the employee requesting reimbursement and his/her supervisor must be provided.  Expenses should be allocated and coded with the appropriate account numbers.  Documentation for all expenses claimed for reimbursement must be attached to the completed Expense Reimbursement Form.  If the amount is $50 or less, the employee may receive cash from the Cashier, however this cash reimbursement will not be sent through the mail.  If the amount is over $50, a check or direct deposit will be processed through Accounts Payable.

Cash Advance

Cash advances or prepaid debit cards for faculty, staff, and students of Lawrence University may be received when travelling to pay for expenditures.  Cash advances may be helpful in situations when charges cannot be made to the corporate card, including taxis, parking, tips, and toll charges.  Prepaid debit cards may be more convenient than carrying excess cash for various travel needs.  If expected expenses will total less than $100, please use your own money instead of seeking an advance.  To receive an advance, please complete the Cash/Prepaid Debit Card Advance Request Form with signatures from the individual receiving the advance and his/her supervisor.  The completed form must be submitted to Accounts Payable for processing.  The cashier in Brokaw Central will provide the cash funds in person.

Please keep your receipts and submit them with an Expense Reimbursement Report.  If a prepaid debit card was received, contact Brandie Jewett, Accounts Payable Specialist for a report of the card's activity.  If all advanced cash funds have not been used, then the remaining funds or prepaid debit card should be returned with the Expense Reimbursement Report to the Cashier or Accounts Payable Specialist.  In the event that an additional balance is owed, he/she should complete the Expense Reimbursement Report and submit it to the Cashier or Accounts Payable Specialist.